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Table Tennis Dreamer

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Alt Pop

TTD, the brainchild of John Waldo Wittenmyer, started in the summer of 2018 with the idea to record some demos while traveling on a months-long road trip across western US + Canada. Waldo had recently moved from Austin, TX to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where his wife attends graduate school. Wittenmyer had been playing the Austin scene for over a decade, for the most part sticking to the tried-and-true indie rock path of writing, releasing, touring, performing, and promoting, to some degree of success. His band Toma had just begun to see the start of an international following, after landed a handful of significant syncs, and having gained some recognition in the blogging community.

His new project represents a departure from both the aesthetics and the typical processes involved in the lifecycle of a DIY rock project. Having put much of his effort over the past year into his home and mobile studio setup, Wittenmyer has coined his new project a “DIY Hi-Fi” experiment. As he explains it is, “The principles behind a DIY rock band and my project are the same: the artist’s responsibility is one of integrity and the fuel is your passion. You aren’t guided by social forces, but you do work within that system to put forward the human message.”

Though the arrangements are much more electronic and experimental than his previous projects, Wittenmyer insists that the underlying message is the same: “The psychedelic experience is at its root one of personal growth and change.” Through the crafting of his unique psych-pop, Wittenmyer puts forth some of his most honest work yet, dealing with issues that are both spiritual and personal in nature. “Music for me has become a vehicle for discovery of the true self; it’s sort of a documentation of that journey. My hope is that others might recognize and relate, that we might share our experiences and learn from each other with music as the context.”