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looking for:

Your promo picture would go really well here!

... and this box is where we will house one of your youtube videos. Any video will do... from a fully produced masterpiece to a static photo. This will be the first opportunity a visitor has to hear you!

these four icons will indicate what help you need from the music industry. This could be airplay, a label, PR... visit our resources page to see the companies we are working with

Where are you from? We work with people all over the world so it will help to match you with the right ones

What genre do you play? Indie pop? Rock?  These icons will help categorise you

All the above icons will give potential matches a quick idea of the type of artist you are. For example, a record label might specialise in Lithuanian Trip Hop (if there is such a thing) and you've said you're looking for a label and you also specialise in Lithuanian Trip Hop... Boom!

This is perhaps the most important part of your page. It's the place where you tell the world a bit about yourself. Who are your band members? When did you meet? Who are your musical influences?.

Aim for around 300 to 400 words. Too much and you might be waffling. Not enough and you risk missing some important bits.

Tell us about your music. What is your current album/EP/single about, when was it released, have you had any notable feedback from radio play, blogs, other musicians?

It's your chance to shine so use this space well

...and when people want to know even more about you...

As well as your youtube video

this button will be another opportunity

for people to hear your music, via Spotify

your facebook profile

your twitter handle

your instagram profile

if you'd like a free artist page

If you'd like us to feature you on our site with an artist page like this, email us at



Send us your bio, a couple of promo photos and links to your socials. Most importantly - where are you from, what do you need and what is your genre?

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