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Ekko - "Off My Mind"

Norwegian singer, songwriter and producer Rebekka Danielsson, aka EKKO releases her first single of 2020, "Off My Mind."

It's a high-energy electronic dance tune, oozing synth hooks from every direction with huge build ups that fool you into thinking that the chorus is going to explode into a full on glow-sticks filler.

Do they still do glow-sticks? Asking for a friend.

Instead, the chorus breaks down into a half-tempo pseudo-chant that repeats the core message until you too cannot get it off your mind.

Anyway, for me, the thing that pushes this song into the stratosphere is the amazing voice that Ekko is blessed with. Breathy, effortless and with an amazing range, it certainly makes you sit up and take notice

The combination of music, vocals and enthralling story telling certainly places her very firmly in the ultra-contemporary category, perhaps a new contender for chart success?

Her debut EP ‘Symptoms’ is set for release on September 25th 2020.

Oh, by the way, at the end of 2019, she released a cover version of the hit song “Dance Monkey” together with Skylike. It's already secured radio playlisting and has been streamed almost 6 Million times on Spotify alone.


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