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Inappropriate Places for a Listening Party - Vol. 6

Sometimes, it's good to get out and about. And sometimes, it's nice to be able to chill and relax with some good friends, listening to some great music together.

Unfortunately, due to several previous mishaps, I don't have any friends. However, this minor setback was soon remedied when I found myself wandering around the maternity ward at Wakefield Hospital. Imagine my joy as I discovered a dozen or so women and their newborn babies, all eager to listen to the tracks I was going to play them, on the condition that I leave immediately afterwards and never return again!

We began with what could be considered an appropriate band name...

Teenage Dads "Tale of a Man"

Four men sitting on the ground. The band Teenage Dads, as featured on It's Indie and we know it
Teenage Dads (photo by Charlie Hardy)

Fresh off their well-deserved 2023 Michael Gudinkski Breakthrough Artist ARIA Award win, Teenage Dads continue to carve their niche in the indie scene with their latest single, "Tale Of A Man." Known for their vibrant soundscapes and infectious melodies, the Melbourne-based band invites us on a musical journey that captures the essence of a vibrant summer.

The track, reminiscent of the breezy charm of Vampire Weekend, combines jangly guitars, catchy riffs, and infectious rhythms. Teenage Dads, unapologetic in embracing their eccentricities, deliver a bright and beatific anthem that feels like the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming season.

In "Tale Of A Man," vocalist Jordan spins a narrative of enduring friendship, exploring the nuances of a loving and adventurous relationship. The lyrics touch on the challenges faced during periods of separation, yet the unwavering investment in a shared future remains at the core. It's a theme that resonates universally, capturing the listener with its upbeat and infectious energy.

As Teenage Dads continue to ride the wave of their breakthrough success, "Tale Of A Man" adds another chapter to their evolving musical story. With its feel-good vibes and sun-soaked instrumentation, this single is poised to become a staple in your Summer playlist. Teenage Dads prove once again that they are masters of crafting music that not only entertains but also leaves an indelible mark on the listener.

I asked Karen, who was sleeping in Bed 2, what she thought of the song. I think she was a bit confused at first (why else would she be sleeping at 3 pm?) but she did seem to enjoy the toe-tapping, infectious rhythm. Unfortunately, her child, currently residing in what could only be described as a plastic fish tank, started to cry. I guess "Teenage Dads" are not for everyone.

Healer "Wake Me Up"

Rising like a phoenix from the remnants of a forgotten fishing town, HEALER is an Alt-Indie powerhouse on a mission — they refuse to be ignored. Comprising Steve (vocals), David (guitar), Kirk (guitar), Tony (bass), and Jazz (drums), HEALER has swiftly ascended the local music scene, sharing stages with Britpop legends Sleeper and Welsh Indie-Rockers Trampolene.

Five men standing in front of a brown background. The band HEALER as featured on It's Indie and we know it
HEALER (photo by Misha Warren)

In their latest offering, "Wake Me Up," recorded at the prestigious Sugar House studio, HEALER opens a window into their authentic journey of overcoming a void caused by dramatic lifestyle changes. The single delves into the disappointments of chasing an elusive high and the sobering reality of finding oneself again. As they hit out at the relentless noise of technology, HEALER's prowess takes center stage, delivering a message that resonates beyond the confines of the music.

"Wake Me Up" is a raw and unapologetic anthem, a testament to HEALER's commitment to carving their path in the musical landscape. With every note, they invite listeners to join them on a transformative journey, where the echoes of the past collide with the promise of a vibrant future. We're naming this our song of the week!

The lady in bed 9, who I later discovered was called Bridget, really liked this song. She tried to sing along but didn't know the words and was completely out of key. She often made loud "Ooh" noises which seemed rather silly as the backing singing on "Wake Me Up" didn't mention "ooh" anywhere. People really ought to learn a song if they are going to sing along. To be honest, I'm surprised she could even hear the music over the noise of three or four crying babies. Good job I could turn the speakers up louder.

Karmacoda "Try At Me"

Two men and a woman standing in front of a white background. The band KARMACODA as featured on It's Indie and we know it
Karmacoda (image by Gianfranco Bichine)

In the soulful heart of San Francisco, the captivating trio KARMACODA, consisting of Jessica Ford (vocals), Brett Crockett (aka B. on vocals and producer), and the multi-talented Eric Matsuno (bass and other unique elements), unveils their latest gem, "Try At Me." With an illustrious musical journey spanning two decades and an impressive array of sounds, KARMACODA refuses to be confined to a single genre, weaving effortlessly through electronica, chill, trip-hop, R&B, rock, and dream pop.

"Try At Me" marks a poignant shift in KARMACODA's musical landscape, embracing a soulful R&B quality with a touch of jazz lounge sensibility. Jessica Ford's stirring and powerful vocal delivery becomes the guiding force in this tender yet passionate anthem of self-liberation and triumph over hardship. Her vocals gracefully soar above a syncopated downtempo beat, a minimal R&B bassline, and subtle instrumental arrangements, delicately sprinkled with the teal hues of jazz piano.

The composition is a masterful blend of emotion and pain, crafting a narrative that is both triumphant and hopeful. "Try At Me" is a testament to KARMACODA's ability to transcend boundaries, drawing comparisons to powerful artists like Adele, Alicia Keys, Leona Lewis, and Lana Del Ray. With every note, KARMACODA invites listeners into a world where vulnerability meets resilience, and where the soulful resonance of their music becomes a journey of self-discovery.

As a much more gentle listen than the previous offerings in this post, I thought it might have been a nice change for the ladies in the maternity ward. A couple of them were crying, pressing the little orange buttons on their beds. I mean, this is indeed an emotional song but I'm not sure it moved me to tears like it did those women.

To be honest, I was beginning to think that these ladies and their babies were not as friendly as they first appeared. This notion was amplified when two rather large security guards came into the ward and, after being pointed out by the hysterical ladies, they forcefully ejected me from the maternity ward.

As I gave these three songs another listen while trying to get to my feet in the rainy car park, I found myself questioning whether these listening parties were worth the effort.

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