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METHODS "Anything" - EP Review

Today marks the long-awaited release of METHODS debut EP, “Anything”. And boy, is it worth the wait!

The band are a dark electro-pop 5 piece from Wolverhampton and Salford, consisting of Ash Bradley (Vocals), Jon Nash (Synths), Ryan Deakin (Guitar), Adam Hall (Bass) and Pete Bates (Drums). METHODS don’t try to emulate the sound of other bands, they have forged their own sound and they’re sticking to it. Having said that, you can still catch glimpses of Depeche Mode, New Order and Interpol.

Their first two singles, “Fires” and “Mankind” were simply brilliant and if you have never heard METHODS’ music before, these are an excellent place to start. But this is just the start to your journey with METHODS, my friends. Because now is the time for “Anything”.

“Anything” is a six track piece of their signature dark synth sound. It kicks of with a short instrumental intro, dark and ominous, building to a crescendo that breaks into the massive track “Back of Your Hand.” This is the first release from the EP, and for a very good reason. It has a driving drum, huge guitar and bass and soaring synths, and that’s before you get Ash’s vocals. Short verses and an anthemic chorus - I can’t speak highly enough of this song. It comes complete with a poignant and very clever video, which you can see at the bottom of this page.

“Collector” follows on, starting off as a mellow piano and vocal piece, though it doesn’t take long before we’re back up to proper METHODS territory, complete with synth break. For me, the song ends way too soon, as it merges into the second instrumental break, a rumbling synthy-stringy piece.

There’s no time to rest because we’re straight back into the signature sound and the upbeat “No Cover.” It’s a song of defiance in the face of adversary and is filled with those synthy, bassy, guitary, drummy riffs you would expect by now. Again, the lyrics are meaningful, delivered with a hopeful, uplifting and powerful vocal.

The final track, “Human Existence” goes totally against the grain. It’s much more laid back from the rest of the excitedness of the rest of the record. It questions anything and everything, and it’s from this track that the EP takes it name. A beautiful track to end an excellent piece of work.

From delicate ballad - like piano, to foundation laying drums and an infectious rhythm, ‘Anything’ exploits the classic 80s electronica era with modern indie rock and roll. It bends and completely destroys genre boundaries and creates something special from the get-go. With big build ups and even bigger drops, every single song has its own unique, unforgettable moment that you’ll be hearing a lot more of in the future.

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