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New music - Alex Ohm "The Lost Persons Meeting Point"

One of the most popular artists on our website during 2020 was Alex Ohm, and the band are back with their spectacular new EP The Lost Persons Meeting Point.

Sometimes a song is so good that you have to hear it on repeat. Too many times, hours upon hours I listened to Going Nowhere Fast and Hours, the two lead tracks from their five track EP and I was delighted to see both songs make their reappearance here.

The album is triumph of indie rock perfection. Breaking Up is brooding and dark in its construction, throwing some dark and unexpected chord changes into the process. It seems to be a sequence of unrelated segments sewn together, putting back in an order that breaks up any sense of predictability. Tough to explain but definitely a track that needs you hear.

Sometimes is the fourth track and very much in the style we have come to expect of Alex Ohm. For me, it feels as if it has melodic shades of Oasis creeping in but with much less arrogance.

The final track is Time Waits (For No One) and for me, this is the stand-out track of the whole release. Atmospheric with some beautifully effected guitar as the song builds up to a magnificent crescendo of sound, creating the perfect ending to this EP.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this album!

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