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New Music: Alleyways "Over It"

Back with a bang is the Leeds-based 5 piece Alleyways with their new single "Over It"

It seems that the lockdown has had a profound effect on Alleyways, as they've been keeping themselves very busy indeed.

Not only have they released several ultra-pop covers of some of todays biggest tunes over on Tik Tok but they've dropped their brand new indie-pop belter "Over It" too.

In keeping with their new-found pop style, "Over It" is smeared with electronic instrumentation, effected vocals and a driving drum beat. As well as this, they still manage to inject some of their trademark indie guitar work, just as a reminder of how this multi-faceted band can turn their hand to either genre to great effect.

The result is yet another huge tune from Alleyways and as the end of lockdown draws ever nearer, this song is going to be a huge hit at gigs

Our rating: A solid 8.9/10


Find Alleyways on Facebook, Twitter and Spotify!

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