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new music: dmunsch "day to day"

Belgian house composer/producer Dmunsch releases his solo single, Day To Day.

Taking a classic 90s house sound and adding just a touch of pop, Dmunsch has created a dance classic that is worthy of any dancehall playlist.

Dmunsch (Alexander Diemunsch) has been building a reputation as a shining light in the EDM field. Together with his friend UnionSteve, their previous two singles have made dance music followers sit up and listen. Finishing as runners-up in the Claudia eRecords Mid Year Song Contest last year with We Own The Summer and again later in the year with Free World, the Belgian press soon got wind and have begun to show their support.

“Although it was a bummer not to be first, this was clear proof that I am making music that people actually enjoy, and not just my friends and family. Especially the press picking up on it was an amazing experience and a huge motivation to take it to the next level. It inspired me to go bigger this time by, among other things, making a professional music video. I have never been more excited about a single release”.

Day To Day features a solid bass foundation with retro synth flutters aplenty, topped with repeating lyrical snippets that tell of ignoring people's judgemental or exacting standards and learning to live life the way you feel without having to justify yourself.

It's an incredibly catchy tune, with elements of Deep House, Tropical House and Disco House but couldn't be categorised as either of these in their purest forms. You'll certainly find yourself tapping your foot along to the beat and the lyrics will stick in your head. Enjoy!


Our rating: 9.1/10


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