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New Music: Feed Your Wolves "Hurricane"

For those of you who may not have guessed, I am a big fan of one-man-band Feed Your Wolves! Having listened on countless occasions to last year's debut album Save Yourself, I was a little nervous whether Andy had peaked too soon. However, a couple of weeks ago, a brand new EP Hurricane made it's appearance - and I was blown away.

Warning: their could be quite a few more wind-related puns throughout this post. Sorry about that!

This EP has two faces, three tracks that are more of a folky-pop style, the other three sitting in the pop-rock arena.

Hurricane breezes in with a short intro Don't Leave Me. At only a minute and a half long, this is way too short and I feel like it could - and should - have been a full track!

Definitely positioning itself in the more delicate breeze end of the scale, it gives you a perfect reminder of the silky voice and big sound of Feed Your Wolves, as well as setting you up for what is to follow.

The title track lives up to it's namesake, beginning with a stormy guitar section, whipping up into a powerful chorus. The eye of the storm comes along, bringing with it a sense of calm and fading into almost nothing, before the second wind whips you back to full speed.

Let Me Breathe (that's not one of my puns!) and my personal favourite, Stars, are also in the rockier camp and ensure that the EP is perfectly balanced (as all things should be). Here we are treated to blasts of guitar, gusting back and forth, lifting the vocals to new heights.

We are also treated to the foot-stomping I've Been Waiting For You and the beautiful Every Day That I Wake, both of which build into massive crescendos of sound, the latter being the perfect ending for what has been a master-class in songwriting.

All in all, this is a very powerful statement from Feed Your Wolves. The sheer quality of the first album was no accident - Hurricane takes that very high bar and raises it further and I am confident that future releases will be stratospheric!


Hear the full EP here! If you like what you hear, why not show Feed Your Wolves some love by clicking the heart icon below!

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