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New Music: Fireglow "Won't Forget You"

When we received the email from Fireglow asking us to review their "last" single, my heart sank. Regular readers will know that we love us a bit of Fireglow here at It's Indie Towers and so to read that it was this was their "last" single was a very sad moment. "Tell me it isn't true!" I pleaded with bass player Bruno.

Thankfully, it was just a typo and it should have read "latest" single. Phew!!

If you've not caught up with Fireglow before, they're a five piece rock 'n' roll band from Sydney, Australia, They met in 2018 but their sound is very much in the 60s and 70s era. We once described them as the kind of band where you could put your feet up with a nice, hot cuppa - and that is still a description we'd be very pleased to label them with. "Their music is honest and inviting and you are going to find yourself drifting back in time, whilst still hearing a contemporary, relevant sound."

Like many bands during the pandemic, Fireglow want to bring a little happiness to their listeners and having already racked up over 10K views on Facebook, it's clear that they've already gone some way to achieving their goal.

Their latest single "Won't Forget You" is filled with summer vibes of decades past. Taken from Aprils EP "Fireglow II", it tells of the highs and lows of a Summer romance. It is filled with notable highlights, including some pretty special vocal harmonies, those familiar jangly guitars and the organ in the background (and Bruno's particularly magnificent bass playing, of course!) Everything comes together to create yet another fantastic Fireglow track that just transports you to those carefree times gone by.

I'm sure that the band will not mind me tagging them with the label "quirky" - you only need to watch the video for "Won't Forget You" below and you'll get an idea of what I mean - they want to make great music to make you smile and they want to have fun while doing it.

I just hope this really isn't their "last" song!


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