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new music: krizrok "welcome to my show"

Summer is just around the corner and that means that it's time to dust off those dancing shoes and enjoy the raft of Summer choons that will be turning up!

First on the list is the brand new single from German singer KrizRok. Welcome To My Show lives up to it's warm, inviting title and delivers a tropical pop infused song that has that annoying knack of making you tap your foot and whistle along while you nurse the sunburn you didn't expect to get, after cutting the grass on the hottest day of the year but hadn't noticed at the time because you'd perhaps had one too many bottles of Budweiser. Oddly specific, I know...

KrizRok has used the enforced Covid break to pen a series of new songs, so you can expect to hear plenty of new material from him in the coming months. Welcome To My Show is the very different follow up to the much more rock-inspired Feeling, from 2020 and the vast chasm between the different genres would indicate that KrizRok isn't afraid to test his versatility - but also that it's going to be difficult to pigeonhole his as an artist - exactly as he would like it!

As well as being a singer and songwriter, KrizRok can include Producer and guitarist in his list of talents, making him into the very epitome of a one man music machine.

Our rating: 8.8/10

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