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new music: lea g "deeper"

Bold, relatable lyrics, catchy hooks and nostalgic melodies - all ingredients that make Lea G's singles so memorable.

At the early age of just 6, Lea G fell in love with music while singing in her local choir. 2022 will see the next step in her musical adventures as she releases a series of new singles, starting with the ultra catchy Deeper.

Deeper tells the story of falling in love after a conversation with a dear friend before he passed away. It was a tough song to release but Lea knew she had to in honour of her friend.

Beginning with a simple acoustic guitar, the song allows you to hear Lea's angelic vocals before throwing you headlong into the catchy chorus in this perfect little pop song, created with the help of producer Duncan Brookfield

With the promise of more new music to follow, it seems that 2022 is going to be an excellent year for Lea!

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