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New Music: Lightning Reviews 24 April 2020

We received a warm reception to our newly introduced "Lightning Reviews" feature, where we attempt to review new music in 30 words or less and so we're going to have another go...

1. Camens "Leave Me In Pieces"
Camens return with their new single "Leave Me In Pieces"

Another massive track from Camens, this is the upbeat indie tune we all need right now.

Complete with hilarious lockdown video, this is a real gem of a track.

Our rating: 9.4/10

2. Shanghai Treason "Can't Even Hang A Man Right"
Shanghai Treason release their new single "Can't Even Hang A Man Right"

Pure Sheffield Rock - with Banjos!

Fast-paced and very, very loud, this is a great tune to test out the volume capabilities of your speaker system.

Did I mention banjos?

Our rating: 8.2/10

3. The Daylight "Ghosts"
The Daylight follow up their debut "Department of Dreams" with the atmospheric "Ghosts"

Atmospheric, moody sounding indie rock "Ghosts" is the new track from The Daylight.

Reminiscent of early New Order with the airy vocals, rolling drums and bass guitar driven music.

Our rating: 8.3/10

4. Darja "Thinking About You"
Darja releases her pop masterpiece "Thinking About You"

Darja's sultry tone sits prominently over a thumping drum beat and electronic dance track to create an unforgettable song that is destined for something special - it's a real earworm!

Our rating: 8.8/10

5. Parallel Lights "Better Off This Way"
Parallel Lights "Better Off This Way"

Sounding a little like Bowling For Soup, Parallel Lights have nailed the Pop-Punk vibe!

Better Off This Way is a huge break-up song that earns the Anthem title

Our rating: 9.5/10

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