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new music: lucy dreams "dreamland"

True story - recently, a very good friend asked me to name some of my favourite under the radar artists and I reeled off a couple of great ones, including the very excellent Lucy Dreams. Two weeks later, who should appear in my news feed, other than the very excellent Lucy Dreams and the announcement of their brand new release, Dreamland.

First of all, just who are Lucy Dreams? Hold on tight, this takes some explaining.

They are a dreampop trio from Vienna, consisting of David Reiterer and Philipp Prückl. Of course, those eagle-eyed of you will notice I said they were a trio but only listed two people. And herein lies the reason why I love the band so much - the third band member, Lucy, is a completely artificial member of the band.

This is not a gimmick, Lucy actually exists in AI form. She is capable of thinking and learning for herself and indeed "dreams" sonically, converting those dreams into complex soundscapes, expertly fine-tuned by her two human counterparts. She also generates lyrics, based on the information she is fed, which consists of literary classics such as James Joyce and Kazuo Ishiguro. (Co-incidentally, Ishiguro often refers to Klara as an Artificial Friend, almost becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy for Lucy.)

We first stumbled upon Lucy Dreams with the release of their perfect pop song Pacific Shore, one of the elite members of the group of songs that have scored a perfect 10/10 in our ratings. The infectious electronic music and auto vocals perfectly blend together to create an artsy work of genius, supported by a visually impressive music video.

The new single, Dreamland, picks up where Pacific Shore left off. Slightly slower but no less impressively composed and packed with uber-catchy synth hooks and topped with the signature auto vocals, Dreamland is already a firm favourite at It's Indie Towers.

The soundscape that is Dreamland is the first track to be taken from their upcoming album "Götterfunken" and is perfect summary of all that Lucy Dreams is - man and machine working together in literal harmony, the line between AI and human input is impossible to distinguish.

Seriously, you have to give this a listen. Is this the future of electronic music? I hope so.

Our rating: a massive 9.8/10

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