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New Music: Mosaic Sun "Deeper Breaths"

Mosaic Sun shot 1 It's Indie
Mosaic Sun - Chris Saunders

Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is a city that has long since brought some amazing talent and Mosaic Sun are proudly carrying the flag for the North East.

Their new single "Deeper Breaths" is the first track to be taken from their upcoming debut album, which is due to drop later this year.

Mosaic Sun It's Indie
Mosaic Sun - Nabor Riquelme

The song is a cracking 80's style electronic pop song, sprinkled with synths and guitars that have shades of Savage Garden, while Nabor's vocals deliver an absolute indie pop classic that remind us a little of King No-One. The whole song is wholeheartedly in the form that this magnetic duo have forged for themselves.

“Deeper Breaths” deals with a subject we've probably all got experience with - people that repeat the same conversations, when they keep on going, talking about stuff you just don't have any interest in.

“I think everyone can relate to “Deeper Breaths” in one way or another," tells frontman Nabor Riquelme, "That feeling of having to push through work or a social function. Despite this, we put a positive, optimistic spin on the song to deliver that message”.

Mosaic Sun have a great, fresh sound and their back catalogue shows that they have quickly become masters of indie pop and the promise of an album later in the year has certainly got us salivating over the prospect!


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