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New Music: Mother "Masquerade" EP

A few months ago, we were introduced to Oxford-based Garage Rock band Mother with their massive tune "Pretty Face" - and they're back with their epic 6 track EP "Masquerade".

In the past year, the  band have appeared at their own headline sold out show at the Wheatsheaf Oxford,  played festival dates including the BBC Introducing stage at Truck Festival, and supported high profile acts such as YAK, Willie J Healey, Toy, Bo Ningen, Black Honey, Mush and Plastic Mermaids and they performed on the main stage at the Cowley Road takeover Ritual Union festival alongside Nadine Shah, Ghostpoet and Gaz Coombes. 

"Masquerade" brings together three previously released songs (Pretty Face, School Days and L.A.) and add the laid back "Strangers," the melancholy "White Lies" and the divine title track.

For those of you who are familiar with Mother, the inclusion of those pre-released grunge-filled garage rock songs make perfect sense and you'll be reminded of the excellent base from which Mother have built their empire. But the inclusion of the three new songs - well, that was just an absolute genius move!

Without a doubt, our favourite track from the EP is Masquerade. It begins with an intriguing synth arpeggio which is emphasised by a second synth. The vocals are sparse, the guitars are imposing and the build up to the chorus is divine! The chorus itself is a massive wall of sound and you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to Muse.

It might be a little early for us to be thinking of our album of the year but I am pretty sure you'll find "Masquerade" right up there when we do get round to it!


Artists would love to know that their music is helping people through these difficult times. Why not take a moment to visit Mother on Facebook? And it would be awesome if you could stream their music on Spotify. It will mean a lot.

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