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New Music: October Round-Up (Part 2)

October keeps on swinging and we're here to bring you the best new music from those up and coming artists that you need to know about!

Shambolics - Love Collides

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love Shambolics!

Love Collides is a high octane ride through a teetering relationship. The journey is represented by a manic series of optimistic major chords to desperate minor chords. It dares you to keep up with the goings on, as the relationship takes on highs and lows at a fair old pace, as relationships often do.

Shambolics have kept us entertained throughout the pandemic with some very impressive lockdown cover versions but it's a real treat to hear new music from them, particularly when it's as good as Love Collides!


Our rating: 9.3/10

Sentient Robot - From The Outset (Your Own Way)

This one has been kicking around for a few weeks but it definitely needs people to hear it!

Sentient Robot were built and programmed in Manchester. They're primarily an indie pop/rock band and their back catalogue is packed with excellent, catchy tunes.

From The Outset (Your Own Way) is a little different to the rest. It's filled with 80s synths and I challenge you not to at least tap your foot along! The song encourages you to not succumb to the constant pressures of conformity but to carve your own path. Because who wants to be a sheep?

An excellent tune from a very exciting band!


Our rating: 9.6/10

Crux - Slaving Away

Newcastle new boys Crux have released their magnificent alt-rock tune Slaving Away.

A quick listen and it soon becomes apparent that the band are heavily influenced by the likes of Muse or Radiohead.

Slaving Away is a politically charged anthem with an almost chant-like chorus that is bound to resonate with many people. A simple 12 bar blues base that highlights the struggle that employees continue slaving away to make their bosses richer. Zero hours contracts, the Government blaming asylum seekers for making your life a misery - it's all inspiration for this great song.


Our rating: 9.0/10


What do you think? If you like any of the featured songs, click the ❤ below and show them some love!

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