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New Music: Odillia x Snoop Dogg "Break It Down"

24 year old Odillia is certainly a name that you will soon become familiar with.

At just 16, Odillia left home with a burning desire to make it in the music industry. She shot to fame after appearing on BBC's All Together Now, as well as finishing second in Season 5 of Holland's Got Talent as part of the dance group No Escape XXL, before moving to LA in 2019, where she signed a major record deal.

Her chart topping debut single End of the World featuring Lil' Keed racked up over 10 million views on social media, and with her follow-up single Break It Down she has teamed up with none other than rap legend Snoop Dogg.

Break It Down is a track that will brighten up the end of Summer with its fresh beats, a twist of pop and a good glug of hip-hop, creating a blend that is sure to make the charts sit up and listen.

Lukevision owner Will Luke, alongside his business partner Courtney Benson, whose label signed Odillia, say they couldn’t be more excited about the success of his new artist, “Odillia is that rare breed of young artist with heart, soul and the talent and dedication to match! She has been an amazing addition to the label and we couldn’t have asked for a better performing debut than End of the World. We can’t wait to see how well the new single performs, especially with the legend Snoop on the track.”

Odillia writes her own songs, all based on her own experiences.

Break It Down tells the story of two people who are not quite on the same page in a relationship and how they have to bite the bullet, break it down and tell each other what they want. "

I’m excited to play off those emotions in a back and forth with Snoop with beautiful Aruba as the backdrop of the story.”

Ah yes, Aruba... the location of the video. Personally, I'm not sure why they chose the beautiful Caribbean island of Aruba over a rainy Wakefield...

"When Will told me that Snoop was going to send verses for the song, I was more than excited... I really couldn't believe that an artist for whom I had so much respect, where I grew up listening to his music was going to be on one of my songs!"

As an artist, Odillia has it all. She's a talented writer, singer and dancer and has the drive and passion to turn her ambition into worldwide success. It seems that she has the Midas touch because everything she has been involved in so far has been a success. Break It Down is an absolute banger of a tune and by teaming up with Snoop, looks set to be the track that will catapult Odillia to stardom.

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