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New Music: Parker Sounds "Something Heavy"

Updated: May 23, 2020

It's always great to stumble upon something that is right up your street. Something catchy. And that's exactly where Parker Sounds come in, with the brilliant "Something Heavy."

Parker Sounds was born in south-east Asia before moving to the Gold Coast at the tender age of 6. He began to learn guitar and to sing when he was 15 in order to impress a girl but found that music was more of a love he wanted.

This love for music was a constant after he left school, having a short stint in the military, before studying for a Bachelor of Science and working as an ecologist. Personally, I think a career as a geologist might have been a better course, because I could have made a great pun about Rock Music. Throughout this time, Parker continued to perform gigs and honing his sound into what has become a pop-rock vibe, now including a full band.

"I get so excited when I’m onto something new that I’ll often call someone up to sing it over the phone, even when it’s only just a verse," Parker says, "then I’ll have a brainwave for a missing part and have to hang up super quick to test it. When I was writing "Something Heavy", I called my producer Josh and played it over the phone but it was missing the bridge, he asked me to play it again and I decided to improvise the bridge structure on the fly and right in that moment the song was finished."

"Something Heavy" is absolutely not something heavy. It's an upbeat pop rock tune, led by a Shawn Mendes style acoustic guitar and hand clap rhythm before releasing the vocals, which could also be likened to the aforementioned Mendes. A few moments later you are up to your neck in the chorus, and there's no escape for you.

"I was super hung up on this girl who couldn’t figure out whether she wanted to go steady with me or not," tells Parker, "I wrote the song to try and communicate what I was feeling and sung it to her over the phone. She didn’t like it and we ended up calling it quits that afternoon".

Me being the love-guru that I am, I can't help but think he would have had a different outcome with her, had he studied Geology instead.

"Something Heavy" is breathtakingly catchy and a perfect pop song. We think that, with just a little but of luck, Parker Sounds could be a real force to be reckoned with over here in the UK.

Our rating: 9.6/10


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