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New Music: Zima "Memories"

I love a bit of progressive house and sadly we don't get enough sent to us here at It's Indie Towers. So it was a real treat when we were sent Memories, the new single from Swiss artist, producer and DJ, Zima

Zima is certainly beginning to make waves in the world of EDM. His music is uplifting and memorable, lining him up with artists such as Avicii and Kygo.

Memories is certainly up there with some of the giants of the genre. Expect crowd-pleasing chords, with festival-worth synth lines and the inevitable huge drops that lift the track into epic territory.

The vocals talk of future nostalgia and Zima's delivery is top notch, effortlessly switching from a chilled, scene setting verse to a powerful, earworm chorus that is bound to lift the club to the next level and that will doubtless demonstrate the impressive songwriting prowess of this promising youngster.

Memories is an excellent benchmark if you're new to the music of Zima. His previous releases Fly With Me and Our Time are equally as brilliant and you should check those out on Spotify too!


Are you loving Zima's Memories? Click the ❤ below!

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