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New Song Alert - Ria "You Made"

I’m very excited to introduce you to “You Made,” the brand-new single from Toronto-based teen powerhouse Ria.

I mean, seriously... who doesn't do their hair and makeup before bed?

Ria first appeared on stage at the tender age of seven, later going on to win “Honey Jam” at the Mod Club in Toronto, aged just 11, before joining “Mini Pop Kids 12” and, a year later, “Mini Pop Kids 13”.

“You Made” is the follow-up to the sassy “I’m Good”, which continues to achieve some serious airplay on playlists and radio stations in Canada. The new song talks about trusting someone so deeply, only to have them betray you, and coming out of such a dark place with a hopeful attitude. It is the spearhead for the campaign #itsoktoshare which encourages people to open up about their experiences with betrayal that have profoundly had an effect on their mental health and the way they relate to people.  

Ria shows a different side to her voice with an impressive vocal range, putting in an emotional performance that perfectly compliments the challenging subject matter. She effortlessly turns a challenging subject into something beautiful, something that deserves to be heard, giving a voice to those who can't find the words to share, and who feel lost and alone.

I appeal to you to support Ria in her mission to help others who have faced any dark times to tell their stories and help themselves on the road to positive mental health – to realise that it’s ok to share.

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