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One last October round-up!

Had this month been January, my New Years' Resolutions would have been broken weeks ago. Write a post every day, I told myself. Did it happen? Not even close!

Anyway, to make up for the sub-standard service, here's a bumper bonanza of fabulous finds!

For The Girl "Fishnets and Dreams"

For The Girl return with their rip-roaring new song Fishnets and Dreams.

Continuing with their high energy indie rock vibe, the band deliver yet another sit-up-and-take-notice song of the highest quality. Expect some meaty guitar riffs and big vocals. Another top drawer offering!


Our rating: 9.4/10

Dalmas "Prevail"
Dalmas band standing in front of a chinese restaurant

On the subject of top drawer offerings, It's Indie favourites Dalmas return with an absolute banger, Prevail.

It feels as though someone has been feeding the band with way too many green sweets because Prevail couldn't be any further from their last release, You Say. It's far more raucous and edgy and prepares us for their upcoming EP, due to be released early in November.


Our rating: 9.4/10

Joe T. Johnson "English Elegance"

Hailing from Bristol, Joe T. Johnson brings a fresh spin to a vintage sound. English Elegance is indie folk at its very best and you'll pick up notes of some of the 60s classic artists such as The Kinks or T Rex.

Joe has performed several times at Glastonbury and can also be seen hanging around with his band Hush Mozey. As a solo artist, what a great sound he has created with this track!


Our rating: 8.8/10

Seraphina Simone "O M D"

Seraphina Simone returns with her most personal single to date. O M D explores the situation of loving someone who suffers from depression and feeling powerless to help them.

An ominous build up leads into an intricate 80s inspired track that allows the heartfelt delivery of the vocals and Seraphina Simone certainly gets the message across both lyrically and vocally.

Seraphina Simone has an incredible musical pedigree and it seems inevitable that she would have been drawn into the music industry. However, she is determined to follow her own destiny and she's definitely on the road to something very special.


Our rating: 8.7/10


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