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Ride the Spaceship Rodeo

Hailing from Grimsby, UK, four piece band The Brookes have just released their new single "Spaceship Rodeo."

The band are made up of Bejamin "Bonge" Keal (21), Elliott Gant (21), Fraser Macdonald (21) and Dylan Youles (18).

Their ages belie the sound that they have forged for themselves, ranging from their earlier punk sound to their more recent "Constellations of You" to their new single "Spaceship Rodeo"which, in my humble opinion, is a piece of musical magic.

“Spaceship Rodeo” is a cocktail of your favourite ingredients from The Cure, Kings of Leon and Nick Cave. Demonstrating the importance of contrast and variety within their sound and styling. The much anticipated single is set to showcase yet another key development amongst The Brookes’ as a brand and as a sound. 2019 is looking very exciting indeed."

You'd kind of expect the music to be arrogant, loud and pretentious but no, it's thoughtful, melodic, understated. The lyrics are well crafted and the music compliments the record perfectly. There's definitely a Brookes-shaped hole in the current music scene at the moment.

Have a listen to "Spaceship Rodeo" below and let us know what you think?

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