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The A-Z of It's Indie - Part One

To celebrate our first birthday, we thought we would like to share with you some amazing artists that have crossed our paths over the past twelve months. We'll give you a link to their Facebook page, their Spotify profile and even post one of their videos from YouTube, to make it really easy for you to like and follow them all.

Every one of these artists would love your support so please show them some It's Indie love... join us on a journey through the alphabet with three of the best of each letter!



Astro Fonda - If I Was A Bird

We start with something a little laid back but brilliantly created!

Astro Fonda

Among The Citizens - Next Time

Among The Citizens are in their early 20's and hail from Cambridgeshire

Among The Citizens

Amnesti - Hisingen Howling (Gabba Gabba Hey)

I dunno... I think this track has shades of "Don't Fear The Reaper"

Amnesti on Facebook and Spotify



Benedict Marsh - Talk To Me Baby

Globetrotting singer/songwriter Benedict Marsh has an air of Blow Monkeys, maybe?

Benedict Marsh

bis - Sound Of A Heartbreak

Pop punk at it's finest - bis even wrote the theme to the Powerpuff Girls!


Broken Chanter - Wholesale

Glasgows Broken Chanter dabbles in Alternative, Electronic, Folk and Pop

Broken Chanter on Facebook and Spotify



Chappaqua Wrestling - Is She Happy Turning On Her Side?

Originally from Manchester, duo Chappaqua Wrestling must be due an album by now!

Chapaqqua Wrestling

Cult With No Name - When I Was A Girl

CWNN are the masters of reinvention, electronic music at it's finest!

Cult With No Name

Charming Liars - Something Dark

LA trio Charming Liars are high energy alt-pop with a huge sound!

Charming Liars on Facebook and Spotify


9 artists from the It's Indie archives - but which is your favourite?

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