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The definition of smooth? That would be Témi

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

You'll want to remember the name.

Témi is an R'n'B / Soul artist from Toronto, Canada and he is about to take the music world by storm, as he prepares to release his new EP, "Alternative Soul." Témi worked closely with a.n.g.e.l of Arrival Music Group Inc. to create the EP and it demonstrates Témi's soulful voice to it's incredible limits. To liken Témi to any other artist would do him an injustice, this is a voice you simply have to hear to believe.

We've been lucky enough to hear some of the tracks due to feature on Alternative Soul and I've had them on repeat all day. Trust me, that doesn't happen very often. The incredible, emotional "Where Your Heart Is" was the first song written for the EP, a delicious blend of smooth, effortless vocals, elements of blues and soul - and this is just the start of the journey.

The classy "Angeline" is a soulful, heart wrenching ballad in its purest form, telling the story of the end of a relationship. The music, smooth and warm, graciously sits in the background, allowing Témi to bare his soul vocally as he begs his beloved to stay with him. Why would you leave him, Angeline? Why?

In contrast, the upbeat "Call Me Up" is a real toe-tapper, with a heavy dose of sixties influence. I have visions of an ice-cream parlour and roller skates. Prepare to have this song stuck in your head!

Alternative Soul is an EP shaping up to be a must have. And Témi is going to have you hooked. Allow me to indulge your hearing pleasure still further with "Dynamite"

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