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Time For A Catch-Up...

It's good to see so much great music still flooding into our inbox. It shows that, even in these strange times, music can bring people together and still has the power to invoke emotion to the listener. "I can hear it on a timeless wavelength. Never dissipating, but giving us strength" (Pet Shop Boys)

We pondered for many seconds as we tried to come up with a clever, powerful name for this feature, finally settling on "April Round-Up (Part 1)"

Now, what to name the follow-up...


1. Dalmas "Draw The Line"

It's a little-known fact that Dalmas, spelled backwards is Sam Lad who, co-incidentally, went to school with me in 1985

Dalmas are a 3 piece alternate rock band from Manchester who have certainly been making waves recently. With diverse influences from all three members including Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys, Nirvana mixed with more contemporary artists like Muse, Biffy Clyro, John Grant and Nothing But Thieves, the band has forged it's own unique identity making them an interesting act to be conscious of in the years to come.

The band has already caught the attention from BBC Introducing, Chris Difford and multi selling producer James Sanger.

"Draw The Line" is a song filled with surprises, not least from the unexpected chord sequences and changes of rhythm throughout. This is not a criticism of the song, and the chorus always pulls you back into a sense of familiarity, but it does catch you off guard! There are further surprises along the way with the vocal acrobatics and the huge soundscape they create.

Dalmas have crafted a unique sound here and it's great to hear a band not afraid to push the boundaries and produce something that twists and turns into something clever, something that shouldn't work but absolutely does.


2. Hush Mozey "Trim The Roses"

Welcome to "Cooking Through The Kitchen Window" with Hush Mozey

Self-proclaimed “Drowzy Rock and Roll” band, Hush Mozey, release new single - “Trim The Roses”.

Usually embroiled in the sounds of Punk, Ska and Garage Rock, it would be considered a massive change of direction for the band with the release of "Trim The Roses." Gone are the guitar riffs and along come dreamy, multi-layered sounds that do indeed conjure drowsy emotions. By that, I don't mean "sleepy" - more... chilled?

I mean, the lyrics talk of eating Xanax, you're bound to feel chilled after those. And the song also includes the best use of the phrase "Kumbaya my Lord" since... err... Kumbaya.

We're not sure if this new style is a permanent change for the band but it is certainly a song you need to hear due to it's sheer contrast to the bands' previous material.


3. Afonso "Luz"

"Your taxi is just around the corner," she said, "It's five minutes away," she said

Soul and jazz-influenced Portugeuse artist Afonso has just released his second single 'Luz'; a tale which represents self-analysis and introspection, a situation that may of us find ourselves going through right now.

Originally from Portugal, Afonso created his musical project in 2016 after arriving in London. His retro, classy and soulful sound evokes names like Lianne La Havas, Nick Hakim and Moses Sumney and ensures to bring the feeling of warmth to the listeners’ ear. Having continuously worked on his music and performing it in many London venues, the idealist singer prepares to make his awaited debut presenting a truly unique profile. 

"Luz" (meaning light in Portuguese) is the smoothest of soul/jazz tracks and demonstrates the art of turning a technically complicated piece of music into a piece that sounds deceptively simple. It's often difficult to achieve - taking chords that are rarely used and making them sound familiar. Afonso's vocals, smokey and equally soulful, perform some impressive acrobatics and talk of leading you out of the darkness within yourself, to face your demons on the path of your own enlightenment.


4. Quorum "Boyfriend"

After a hard days foraging, mother Quorum prepares to feed her hungry baby Quorums... (Photo credit Chloe Pollard Photography)

Exciting new indie pop quartet Quorum have recently received their new single "Boyfriend."

Quorum are made up of Jordan Hookway (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Hodgson (Lead Guitar), Noah Groves (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Mack Hodgson (Drums), and "Boyfriend" is their first single of 2020 since last years debut EP "Art Is Dead."

First of all, a brief word about "Art Is Dead." 4 tracks. Flippin' brilliant. That is all.

And so to "Boyfriend". It's as if someone has taken the band, strapped them to a table and pumped them full of fizzy pop, then shook them vigorously. Yes, it's still Quorum but now it's a new, contemporary indie/pop Quorum, the type you are going to hear on mainstream radio on those long car journeys (when they're allowed again!). It's stilled an indie tune at its core but it's upbeat, evocative and dance-able.

By the way, one for the oldies... lead singer Jordan does share more than a passing resemblance to early Dave Gahan, don't you think?


That's your lot for today... keep an eye out for our cleverly titled April Round-Up (Part 2) in the next few days!

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