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Time to Come Clean?

Plastic Glass are an emerging Indie band from the North East of England, a group of lads determined to make a mark on the Indie scene. They formed as school friends, bringing lead singer Lewis in after meeting through the Genfactor competition and have a combined age of 24. Perhaps that's a little bit of an exaggeration but they're certainly a baby-faced bunch!

They're made up of Lewis (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), Dylan (Lead Guitar), Ben (Bass) and Frazer (Drums) and state their influences as The Verve, Reverend And The Makers, Catfish & The Bottlemen, Stone Roses and many more. They released their first single in 2018, followed in February 2019 by their debut EP "Broken Town" and they're making a name for themselves in the North East with a series of sellout gigs.

Their latest single "Come Clean" came out on 20th September and underwent something of a transformation during recording. We're told that the song was originally imagined as a break up song, a world away from the end product. “‘Come Clean’ developed into a very different song to the initial incarnation we first had, ending up as a darker, dirtier track driven by energy” Ben Richardson, bassist, explains. “We’re excited to share it now in its final form as it feels like a natural progression in terms of production and style”.

It's a fast paced piece of pop punk which demonstrates some pretty impressive lyrical skills as Lewis manages to fit what seems like 376 words into the space of one sentence. In direct competition, Frazer frenetically tries to break the international drum record. The high energy onslaught is further enhanced by an impressively accomplished pieces of guitar and bass work.

The song itself is well polished and the obscene amount of talent that comes from Plastic Glass is eyewatering. These guys may be only at the early stages of their career but with the quality of material like Come Clean being effortlessly produced, it's safe to say that there's still some hope for decent indie music to continue for a very long time.

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