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Wondering whattodo This Evening?

Ah, the January blues! The festivities are long behind us and those New Years' Resolutions are probably a thing of the past. Our resolution was to bring you the best new music, and todays offering is right up there with the best.

Released today, 17th January, is the debut EP from talented Swedish artist and producer, whattodo, "changeinform". Placed firmly on the Alt Pop shelf of our music collection, this is a four track release of chilled out electronic music that the artist describes as "exploration

of gender expressions, hometown dealings and reflective surfaces. It’s a collection of messy, rough and frustrated songs that aims to be transparent and honest."

"Messy" may be a description that first comes to mind when you hear this but don't let that deceive you. There are sounds and effects that come at you from all directions but this is precisely the point. Each of the songs delivers an intelligent message that seems to cut deep into the core of whattodo's persona, opening it wide and allowing all the creative, emotional beauty to flow out.

The title track, changeinform gives an indication of the journey, the struggle that whattodo has been through to get to this point. It signifies a change of direction and implies a deep breath and jump. We get the sense of trepidation and self doubt. It's heavily influenced by an 80's synth era and inspired by Prince's live shows. Peppered with intelligent effects and synth riffs and pulled together by hushed vocals, it seems that every element represents a different, confused thought that become more cohesive the more you listen.

"Que Me Veux Tu" continues in the same vein. "Musically I drew inspiration from a Johnny “Guitar” Watson Jr youtube video my mate Danny showed me. Put some Nick Hakim tiny desk glitter on top. Throw some works by Claude Cahun in to the mix, add a teaspoon of salt and you are set with Que Me Veux Tu." Essentially what is created is an emotional piece, a melancholy guitar and piano crying in the background, a cacophony of sounds that feel as though they are conflicting thoughts pulling you in every direction.

"'til then" has the artist in an introspective mood as he searches for comfort within himself. It is a realisation that change has happened - another signpost and change of direction. It's the discovery that a relationship is incompatible and the painful understanding that things have to end. The song brings the listener along the journey, the realisation, an accumulation of different sounds, the confusion before the clarity and the addressing of the situation, after which the music becomes much more organised and relaxed.

The final track, "ugogirl," is the first release from the EP and ties the whole piece together. It's an instrumental piece, designed to make you take a breath, take on board all that you have heard, all that you have learned and lets you make sense of it all. It marks closure, a final self-discovery and a understanding of a new destination.

Take time to listen to the full work, take in the seemingly chaotic sounds and picture in your head the thoughts that come at you from all directions. Then listen to it again, it will all begin to make sense.

whattodo has created something very special here. It's certainly not your usual run of the mill music but an intricate, intimate piece of musical art.

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