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You're Gonna Luv This!

It's time for a brand new song, released today (15th November) from Barnsley's Bad Luv.

Once again, the lads had been tricked. Nothing behind the gates were working and there was no sign of any lions.

The first thing we noticed about the band was that little phrase that make your teeth itch - "from South Yorkshire" - and we thought "Ey Up, I bet they're an Arctic Monkeys soundalike." But, as usual, we were wrong and blam! we were treated to just shy of four minutes of massive alt-rock that couldn't be further away from the aforementioned monkeys from the arctic if they had dressed in a leather catsuit and called themselves Sheila. (Sorry to any leather catsuit-clad Sheilas out there)

So who are Bad Luv? They are a four piece pop/alt-rock outfit made up of Adam (vocals/guitar), Brendan (lead guitar), Luke (bass) and Jake (drums. They've had a busy 2019, with a four track EP and their new single being put out in quick succession. They say that they "seek to sound different to what your ears have become numb to. Something to latch onto, to sink your teeth into and so we arrived at a blend of Alternative Pop Rock tunes filled with attitude."

One of the key things to note about "Liquid Love" is those cleverly distorted vocals which bring a gritty rock feel, backed up by some pretty heavy guitar riffs - but the biggest surprise comes from the half-time breakdown which leaves you wondering whether you're listening to the same song as you'd started with.

It's chorus is massive. It's stuck in my head and that's no mean feat. It is most definitely an arena-filling anthem which will have the audience chanting back. The whole song has what I believe to be the perfect trinity - brilliantly worked music, a huge hook of a chorus and excellent vocals.

Check out Bad Luv's live footage video for "Liquid Love" below. What's not to like?

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