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your saturday selection

Continuing our dive into our musical inbox of delights, we bring you three more incredible tunes for your Saturday evening!


slumb "come and get it" (ft c w jones)

Surely a strong contender for Video of the Year with this trippy offering, Slumb present their debut single Come And Get It.

Slumb are pianist Julien Marchal and producer Senbei and Come And Get It is an intriguing piano based electronic track, topped off with lyrics that tell of hallucinations that accompany addiction to painkillers, delivered perfectly by UK rapper C W Jones.

Slumb's debut album "Play Dead" is due to be released on 16th April. Definitely one to look forward to!


Our rating: 9.7/10


j lee & the hoodoo skulls "baby blue"

Crank up the volume because we've got some vintage rock-esque music in the form of J Lee & The Hoodoo Skulls' latest offering, Baby Blue.

Sounding as if it's been lifted from decades gone by (it mentions the words "hoochie coo," for goodness sake!) this is absolutely the track to grab your air guitar and play along with. Unless you play real guitar, in which case, play away!


Our rating: 9.4/10


rebecca levy "this song is not about boys"

Combining spoken word verses with intensely catchy chant-like choruses makes Rebecca Levy's This Song Is Not About Boys an absolute masterclass in pop.

With a tongue-in-cheek nod to the generic girl-sings-about-boys genre, Rebecca turns the subject on it's head and writes about the song not being about boys. An absolute anthem for a new indie wave of Girl Power, we're naming This Song Is Not About Boys as our Song of the Week!


Our rating: 9.8/10




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