The Jeremy Project

The Jeremy Project is a (currently unfinished!) rock opera, written by (then) 17 year old Aimée Young and her father, David. Now joined by a number of talented artists, we tell the story of Jeremy, a teenage boy who is plagued by bullying and violence from all he encounters. We take you on a dark journey along the sinister path he takes and the tragic conclusion to which it leads. Hear our progress so far, read the story of each song and the lyrics below.

Mankind - METHODS
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"Mankind" covers the overarching story behind the Jeremy project - be kind to each other. METHODS very kindly donated the song to the project - see the official video here


What are you saying?

Words get distorted

Look at what you’re doing

Mankind, be kind.


You got your head in the cloud

Another rainy day

The rain, the rain will come again

And the rain falls, rain falls fade


So why are you praying?

What for? What for?

It’ll come around again

Come around again

Mankind, be kind


Mankind, be kind

Mankind, be kind

Mankind, be kind

Why won’t you be kind?

There's The Boy

There's the boy, the one who hides his face.

He should know his place

There's the boy, he never says a word.

He'll always be unheard


There's the boy, he hasn't any friends. 

I can't comprehend

There's the boy, bruised from head to toe. 

The one that we don't know


What's the matter, Jeremy? 

Why are you so sad?

Don't you have any friends? 

Do we treat you so bad?

They say your father beats you? 

Is that why you're a stranger?

Is there no one that can help you escape the danger?


There's the boy, abandoned by his mother

(what's the matter, Jeremy?) 

There's the boy, he's not like any other

(why do they treat you so bad?)

There's the boy, let's push him around.

(is no-one there to help you?)

There's the boy, kick him to the ground


Let's all watch him cry. I bet he wants to die 

He has blood on his shirt. Lying in the dirt

There's The Boy - The Jeremy Project
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The story begins at school and we encounter the relentless mocking and bullying of Jeremy by his peers.

Just short of two years earlier, Jeremy's mother was forced to flee the family home and her abusive husband. She was unable to take her son with her, instead leaving him to fend for himself at home. As such, Jeremy has become distant and nervous, characteristics that his peers see as strange and certainly not one of them

Jeremy - The Jeremy Project
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Jeremy sings of his own introspection and how he feels that somewhere, sometime there will be an end to all his pain.

Keep it to yourself, like a shadow,

Roaming, crying out for help

Don’t let them look you,

Don’t let them look you in the eye

We’re made of wax,

Melted down and shaped to keep,

Keep ourselves intact

But wax was never,

Wax was never strong


It will be all over soon. 

One day there will be a final bruise

The tears will cease to fall

No blood will shed at all

It’s the day when I end it all


Another day, it seems again I was afraid

To keep my word

But I’m afraid,

But I’m afraid to fall

And if I stay, I doubt I’ll see you

For much longer anyway

Cos after all, how much blood,

How much blood can one man shed?


Hey there, can I see your pretty smile?

You know a grin can make it all worthwhile!

Ain’t it amazing how we’ve made it this far?

Hey, did you know? You’re looking fine!

Beneath the sun, your colours shine!

Ain’t it a beautiful day to be alive? 

Can’t you see, you’re not alone,

we’re gonna make it through

Raise your head, smile and say it's over soon


I’ll take your hand and you’ll take mine, 

I’ll lead you there, and we’ll be fine!

Our very own, Shangri-La!

What’s done is done, what’s passed is past,

Listen up! Sadness doesn’t last

Put down the gun, forget what hurts,

Let’s dance together, we’ll fly like the birds!


Hey there, I hate to see you down

So just hide that gloomy frown

Ain't it funny how things are better than they seem?

Hey, you're a hero now to me

Let your colours shine for all to see

Ain't it time you flew high once again?

Stay with me and don't let go,

it's gonna be alright

Spread your wings and call my name

And we will learn to fly

Birds - Skuve
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All is not as bleak as it could be for Jeremy, and his one an only friend, Liam, begins to understand the torture he faces each day. Liam tries to comfort Jeremy and convince him that everything will be ok

While He's Alive - The Jeremy Project
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Dark influences, in the form of the school bully, try to convince Jeremy that there is only one way to stop the abuse from his father - and that is to kill him. Jeremy, being easily led, feels that this may be a viable option.

While He's Alive

Hey there kid, do you wanna hang out?

I know that you’ve seen us hanging about

We’re a big deal in this place of education

So come to us when you need information

We need you to help spread our message

We want you to leave that guy in your wreckage

Let’s start with an easy one – see his chair?

Make sure when he sits, its no longer there


It’s not just you, we’ve been there too

We all felt the same

Puff out your chest, this is only a test

You ain’t gonna feel no shame


Hey there kid, you wanna join our crew?

Well, there’s a couple more things that you need to do

Think of it as an initiation

A trial, if you will. An obligation.

You gotta be ruthless, you gotta show spite

You have to be ready to step up and fight

See that kid there? He’s sat in my place

So go over there, hit him in the face


It’s not just you, we’ve been there too

It won’t be hard to outwit him

Puff out your chest, this is only a test

He won’t have a clue what hit him

Hey there kid, you completed the task!

Guess there’s only one more thing to ask

Your father’s the source of your irritation

So here is the route to assimilation

Take this gun, go and blow him away

Ignore anything that he may have to say

It’s the only way that you can survive

You’ll never be free while he’s alive.

It’s not just you, we’ve been there too

You know that you have our support

Puff out your chest, this is only a test

There’s no way that you’ll get caught


It’s not just you, you’re part of the crew

Welcome aboard, my friend

Puff out your chest, you’re here with the best

It’s time for the hurting to end

Coat Of Paint

lied to you, cheated you,

hurt you beyond belief

So when said was leaving

You breathed sigh of relief

You often cried "don't hurt me daddy"

But just carried on

Beating you, torturing you,

And now you're glad I'm gone


What kind of daddy could do this?

To do the things I've done

What kind of daddy must be

To hurt my only son?

seem so nice from the outside

To others, I'm saint

But we both know the  evil

Behind this coat of paint


You'd say that all the bruises

Came from falling down the stairs

When asked about your daddy,

You'd only say 'he cares'

You know your daddy loves you,

In my unusual way

So ask that you forgive me,

That's all you have to say


So if ever see you again,

just want you to know

I'll never put you through it all,

And cause you this sorrow

I'll change everything for you, my boy,

Of that you must be sure

But know what you are thinking,

You've heard it all before.

Coat Of Paint - The Jeremy Project
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Jeremy's father has realised how badly he has been treating the boy. He has been seeking help and promises Jeremy that the violence will end. Jeremy know that he has heard this all before and doesn't believe him.


Where will we go? What will we do?

How will we know if our love is true?

And where would this lead? What will we need?

And I wanna know how loving you so

What will we do, would this be enough?

Where will we go if we fell in love?

Could this be just like Heaven?

And every day with your sweet smile

Everything's magical in your eyes

Since you've come along, there is a reason

You make me feel this way (lover)

This way (lover), this way, oh lover

You're such a dream, you're such a dream

Such a dreamlova, you're such a dreamlova

You're such a dreamlova, such a dreamlova

When will we wake up to blue skies?

Feel the rush as the sunrise

Hand in hand with each other

And baby your love has got me blind

But I know we are one of a kind

Since you've come along, there is a reason


You make me feel like the freshest Summer rose

And you make me feel like never letting go

You left me spinning from my head down to my toes

Yes I'm loving every kiss

Yes I'm really loving this

Dreamlova - Dahlia
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Jeremy's father has been trying to get help for his drinking and violence and he has been attending a support group. At the group, he has met a new woman and she sees the good in the man, falling in love with him. 

"Dreamlova" was kindly donated to the project by the amazingly talented Dahlia Fernandes

Some Things Never Change - The Jeremy Project
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Some Things Never Change

Another argument at home and the father tries to convince Jeremy that he is trying to better himself. Jeremy doesn't believe him and, in the dead of night...

Another blood red morning looking through your eyes

I could walk a thousand miles and never realize

In your giant footsteps I'm left so far behind

You never gave a damn, I'm dying here inside


All that I have left now has just turned to dust

All you ever wanted would never be enough


Tiny fingers grasping trying hard to stand

The only human touch was the back side of your hand

A million voices screaming here inside my head

I see you cold and bleeding lying in your bed


I'm blown away in the wind today

I'm blown away, some things never change


For all the times you hurt me, got inside my head

All the time I saw your belt above my bed

Words that drop like ashes, fading into the black

Scars left from the lashes still remind me that

You told me that you loved me, you promised it would end

That it would all be over soon, in time it would all mend

But this time, it is all over, it's not like all the rest

So lets see what you look like with a bullet in your chest

Running For Your Life

Look at yourself now,

Who the hell are you trying to be?

Is this how you wanted it to end?

I’m sorry that I fled as life turned so bleak...

Take a look around, is this where you belong?

Where you want to be

With the filth and dirt you live among?


I’m sorry, I know I opened the door

But you followed the path,

And I can’t help you any more.

I know that you tried

I know it all got too hard

But it didn’t have to end this way, running for your life


Show me your arms, the scars that you hide,

I’m sorry, I failed you,

But please know I tried

I know I was weak, and I left you that way

My innocent son...

Why did he go away?


I’m sorry, I know I opened the door

But you followed the path,

And I can’t help you any more

Just turn yourself in! There’s no need to fight

You know that it’s over, stop running for your life...

Running For Your Life - The Jeremy Project
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Jeremy runs to the leader of the gang for help but they turn him away. He also turns to Liam who is afraid of his friend. Finally, he runs to his mother and begs for help but she tells him that he needs to hand himself over to the police. He feels that his best option is to keep running, but his mother calls the police and he is arrested.

Make Me OK - The Jeremy Project
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Make Me OK

In his prison cell, awaiting trial, Jeremy once again reflects on his life. The bullying has not stopped, instead it now takes the form of inmates in prison. Jeremy believes that he is slowly going insane.

Draw the line, erase the sadness

All this blood is mine, deranged in madness

Pray to Gods,

Although they were never listening

Could they hear me scream at all?

They didn't catch me as I fall...


A bruise a day never went noticed anyway

They always say "I'm here", but no one ever stays


It will all be over soon, my hurt will come to an end

(Only if you let me kill my pain)

Everyone hear my cry,

Let me leave this dream

Please don't let me hit the wall

Dying alone reaching out to anyone

Under the ice,

Oh God, I'm drowning under here

A bruise a day never went noticed anyway

They always say

"I'm here", but no one ever stays


Make me okay...

No Fear - Skuve
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Still in his prison cell, Jeremy's cellmate tries to convince him that there is a place to escape all the pain and bullying. He means drugs. Jeremy thinks otherwise.

No Fear

There is a place that holds no fear,

Can almost see it can almost hear

If in the heart then hold it near,

The place where angels have no fear


No fear no fear

So real so clear

May it soon be here

No fear

There is a sky in each of us,

A blue nirvana God we trust

And when all wheels have turned to rust,

Then all the world will turn to dust


Tomorrow is a mystery,

And sorrow is just history

And yesterday was just a lie,

And time it always passes by

So seize the moment while it lasts

In memory of future past

If in the heart then hold it near,

The place where angels have no fear

So let's be happy while we can,

Before the prophet end of man

And when the earth is born again,

Maybe then we'll understand 


Razor - The Jeremy Project
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If I were a candle, by now I've burned out

It's useless to re-light me now, somehow

Shattered, made entirely of glass, no doubt

But I'm alive, though I'm not sure how...


My wrists are still red, I thought pain was dead

But it follows me wherever I go

I'm struck by hurt, my blood thick as dirt,

And it's never gonna change...

Stop staring at me, I know what I did,

I know what I did

It's not like I need you to remind me,

You're all pointing at me

Like I'm in the wrong, I should have just gone

Should have known life

Would always be the same

If I were a razor, I'd be as dull as could be

I'd barely slit the skin

I've never been the smartest boy, or so he told me

But I still see the trouble I'm in

Don't cry for me...

I've spilled enough tears, but that will cease...

"You can smile now, Jeremy"

I whisper as I find my peace..

Jeremy's court case and he is found guilty of murder. In his unstable frame of mind, he realises he is the centre of attention once more, feeling that everyone is pointing at him, mocking him once more. Finally, Jeremy feels that he has no other option and he ends the pain forever.

If Only

Can you hear me? 

Please, give me a sign.

Our innocence may have passed

But our humanity's still alive.

Although were facing it alone,

I only wish I could let you know.

So long, its been a rocky ride,

Lonesome souls with no one by our sides


And although it hurts, you have to know,

I hope you'll forgive me for letting you go.


Who we are and who we try to be

Are often different from reality.

Tender minds tear at tender flesh

When they feel they don't fit in with the rest

We could have walked this side by side

If only we could have tried...

So long, its over, I have to go

But before I do, I want to show...


And although it hurts, we cant be saved,

I loved you always, from the cradle to the grave.

I loved you always

I loved you always

I loved you always

If Only - The Jeremy Project
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With hindsight, all those who had contact with Jeremy realise that they could have helped him before the situation got out of hand, if only they had spoken to him to understand what was happening.


1.  Mankind. Written by Adam Hall, Ashley Bradley, Jon Nash, Peter Bates, Ryan Deakin. Produced by Gavin Monaghan. Performed by METHODS

2.   There's The Boy. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody by Markus Palsson. Voiced by Christine Linge.

3.   Jeremy. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody and voiced by Greg Emond.

4.   Birds. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody and voiced by Markus Palsson.

5.   While He's Alive. Music by David Young. Currently without lyrics.

6.   Coat Of Paint. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music, melody and voiced by George Schiessl.

7.   Dreamlova. Lyrics, music, melody and voiced by Dahlia Fernandes.

8.   Some Things Never Change. Music by David Young. Lyrics by Bryan Williamson. Currently without melody.

9.   Running For Your Life. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody by Markus Palsson. Currently voiced by Markus Palsson but will need to be voiced by a female singer.

10. Make Me OK. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody by Markus Palsson. Currently voiced by Markus Palsson.

11.  No Fear. Lyrics by Joel Sattler. Music by David Young. Melody and voiced by Markus Palsson.

12. Razor. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody by Markus Palsson. Currently voiced by Markus Palsson.

13. If Only. Lyrics by Aimée Young. Music by David Young. Melody by Markus Palsson. 

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