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Alien Feelings are: Josh (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Writer), Dale (Drums, Backing Vocals, Writer), Ryan (Lead Guitar) and Tim (Bass Guitar)

Where are you based?

We’re from Wrexham in North Wales. There’s not much of a music scene here really, other than being the host of Focus Wales. It’s a chav town, they like the charts and not much else. You get looked at funny if you dress a little differently around here.

What genre would you describe yourself as?

We think, its indie rock fused with punk and grunge. But there are a lot of different nods to different styles in our music, because we simply love it. We don’t really like to confine ourselves to a single genre because there’s so much we want to do. We draw inspiration from all kinds of music. Saying

that, we’re a rock band at heart and always will be. We won’t be ditching the guitars anytime soon.

Who is your main inspiration?

As a group its hard to pick one, so here’s our individual choices.

Josh: John Lennon

Ryan: Fat Mike.

Dale: David Gilmore

Tim: Joe Stump

How do you write yor songs?

A lot of the time Josh or Dale would send a rough recording over for everyone to listen to, then we get together for a writing session and play through any ideas we have. We try new timings and riffs and play around with it lyrically until we get to a point of fine tuning and eventually demoing it. The

last few sessions have been amazing, we are shocked ourselves at how fluid the whole process can be.

What made you want to start in music?

Music is something that the four of us wanted to be part of for as long as we can remember. It’s been part of our beings since we heard that first catchy chorus many moons ago. I think people who are involved with music would find it hard to such a question, especially in rock music, as it’s something that’s been with you since before you’re first memory, embedded by the music your parents listen to, and then taking a path down one of the many genres, and then exploring the vast array of sub-genre associated with it, [ I fucking love ska-punk: Ryan]

Everyone likes music, but only a few are prepared to do something about it!

So, what is on the horizon for you?

So far with lock down we have been limited with writing space, but we have got our second EP in the works, its already been recorded roughly by Dale and is now in the hands of our management. We don’t intend on sitting still now we can run! We just want to keep creating and releasing music now that we have the platform.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Okay, we’re just going to pick one each!

Josh: The Jesus and Mary chain, because their music is just fucking awesome.

Dale: Fontaines DC, because we’re similar in a way, I just think if we were on the same bill it would be fucking crazy. It would be a crazy fucking good show like.

Ryan: NOFX, you can’t beat a good fucking circle pit.

Tim: Jim Morrison, well anyone from the Doors

What's your ultimate goal?

Our ultimate goal is to play, pure and simple. We want to be heard, to have others feel what we feel when we are playing. The train we are on now is powering ahead and we have no

intention of getting off it anytime soon. We will take Alien Feelings to the farthest reaches.

If you could cover any song, what would it be?

That’s gunna be either Nelly the Elephant or Monkey Man

Tea making: milk first or last?

Is this a joke? Who puts the milk in first?

Tell us your funniest joke!

What’s the difference between marmalade and jam?

You can’t marmalade your fist into a band-mates arse.

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