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the new hub for the music industry

Buffalo Bay

Hailing from Belfast, 5 piece Buffalo Bay bring an anthemic rock and synth pop blend. Their debut EP "Rain In The Morning" is scheduled for release at the end of November and it's shaping up to be epic!

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The Beatdown final is well underway and the ten finalists need your votes to help them over the finish line. You only get one entry so pop along to the beatdown page, check out the artists and vote!


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Musicmaker PR aims to provide high-quality public relations at an affordable rate. Although based in Germany, they accept clients from all over the world, dealing with indie, pop-rock, pop-punk and nu metal.

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Laptop Work

Our blog brings new artists, music and video releases and more, often with a light sprinkling of our questionable sense of humour!




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METHODS are back with their phenomenal track "Back Of Your Hand" from their forthcoming EP "Anything". Watch their thought-provoking video by clicking the image below

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We're planning on bringing you a newsletter every quarter, with artist and music industry news and reviews. Fill in the form below if you want to receive it!

for artists

As McFly once said... it's all about YOU! As artists who may not yet have been discovered, finding the right label, PR guru, radio station etc can be tough. So we are trying to bring them to you.

As an artist, we can build you a page right here on our site. Consider it a gift from us to you. You can use it as an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and share it until your heart's content. Want to know what one looks like? Click on our featured artist.

Not only that, but we have invited professionals from the music industry to tell us what they are looking for in an artist. Have a look at our ever-growing "Resources" page and see if those resources are looking for you right now! In fact, if we feel that you'll be a good fit with these resources, we'll even make an initial enquiry between you, to save a little of your precious time.

And, of course, we'll do our own little bit of promoting on our social media pages and our Spotify playlists. Every little helps, right?

for the music industry

You people are busy! Perhaps you need an extra branch for your PR campaigns, or maybe you are looking for new artists to add to your roster? 

You may be a photographer or videographer, looking for your next client to work with?

Or perhaps you are a record label, looking to showcase your artists, or looking for that next big signing?

Whatever your company's place in the music industry, we are confident that we can help. If you have artists that you wish to promote, we will gladly create an artist page for them.

We will create a small "classified advert" for you on our Resources page and try to get an understanding of what you need from an artist. We'll try and match the artists on our database to your needs. 

Of course, you will have full access to all the artists on our database, if you'd prefer to browse them yourself. Or, you may not be looking for new clients at all - and that's perfectly fine too...

for fans

If you are a fan of an under-the-radar band, the chances are that you've found our website as a result of something you've seen on Social Media by that artist. So first of all, on behalf of them, thank you! Artists love to make music, but they would be nothing without you.

But there are so many other artists out there that are waiting to feel the love from you.

We'll do our best to bring you new artists for your listening pleasure. We'll feature a blog, videos, playlists and more - and of course, you can browse through our artists' pages to see who catches your eye. We try to feature a video, photo and a bit about them, as well as links to their Spotify page if you want to hear more, and details of their social media profiles if you want to do these artists the ultimate compliment and become a fan.

what does it cost?

It would be very unfair to expect you guys to pay a membership fee while we build the resources. However, we would be eternally grateful if you wanted to contribute to the cost of running the site. And in return, anyone who donates £1 or more will receive a free membership for life, as a thank you for your support.

it starts with a spark

It's still early days for us, and we are still looking for more artists and music industry resources. But we have big ideas, and we want to help.

Let's get you listed with an Artist Page. Or list you as a music industry professional looking for artists. Let's get you seen on social media. Or have you heard on a playlist. Or get you some radio play. Or find that artist you need for that festival slot. The possibilities are endless...



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