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It's Indie and we know it are here to bring you the very best in indie music, from the newest indie artists in the United Kingdom and beyond.

First things first... just what is indie music? To us, it can be defined as music from new artists that need a little bit of a leg up in the industry. It's those artists that haven't yet made the big time - and they would all appreciate your support. 

We're particularly fond of pop and rock - it's all indie to us, so whatever your musical taste may be, have a browse and see if you agree with our choices. And for those artists who don't fit in the pop or rock arena, check out our sister site ATOM for even more great music!


Wherever you fit in the music industry, we are here for you - whether you are a music fan, an under-the-radar artist or a music industry professional.

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Updated every month, our chart brings you some of the most popular new music. We also bring you some of our favourite musical discoveries in our Spotify playlists


For music that doesn't fit in the pop or rock genre, we've launched our sister site ATOM. ATOM houses our Artist Directory as well as bringing you news and reviews from other genres.

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We're putting together a list of thousands of music industry contacts to help artists take the next steps in their career

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We created It's Indie And We Know It because we wanted to help artists to find the help they need to further their music careers. That's why we don't charge anyone to be listed on our site - artists, music industry contacts... everyone... it's all free. 

Of course, running a site like this comes at a personal cost and it would help us enormously if you wanted to make a small donation to the cost of running the site - to ensure that we can continue fighting the fight for those artists who need it!

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