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Since forming in 1994, bis have continually mutated their initial influences of Synth-pop, Riot Grrrl and DIY Punk into weird and wonderful songs with a natural gift for melodic earworms with a disco heartbeat. Sci-Fi Steven, John Disco and Manda Rin first caught the UK underground’s attention with the “Disco Nation 45” EP in 1995. Its cross-breeding of Huggy Bear, Blur and Devo made it stand out in the dreary death of Britpop, fanzines had new saviours and before long the underground went overground. With the next release, “The Secret Vampire Soundtrack”, suddenly bis were playing “Kandy Pop” on Top of The Pops – as the first unsigned band ever to appear – and riding high in the “proper” charts. Bands, record labels and entire movements seemed to spring up in the aftermath of this generational wake-up call. Whilst bis didn’t quite pull-off the revolution they threatened to, they have still managed to survive the twists and turns of 20 years of Punk Disco.

Their first album “The New Transistor Heroes” came out in 1997 and sold 100,000 copies on release in Japan and they were to go on to support Foo Fighters on tour. They even wrote the theme tune for The Powerpuff Girls, with two songs on the soundtrack. Two years later saw the release of their follow-up album “Social Dancing” – a shift to a more electronic sound but still drenched in the familiar punk sound. The third album, “Return To Central” made an appearance in late 2000. It was viewed by some fans as a masterpiece, whilst others saw it as too much of a departure from their signature style.

In 2003, the band decided to call it a day but this was short lived as they reformed in 2007, performing shows sporadically and a fourth album, “data Panik etcetera” appeared, made up of songs recorded in the mid-2000s, a period where the band had re-packaged themselves as “data Panik”

Finally, in 2018 the band got back into the studio and the long awaited album “Slight Disconnects” was released in February 2019. The first track to come from the album, “Sound Of A Heartbreak”  is a return to the early sound, and the second, the riotous, “There Is No Point (Other Than the Point That There Is No Point)” could well be their best record to date.

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