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Alt Pop

Buffalo Bay are a 5-piece rock band from Belfast who favour a serrated blend of anthemic rock and synth pop as their sonic blueprint.

The quintet officially formed in 2018 and released several successful singles which lead the band to TV appearances on UTV Life and NVTV. Buffalo Bay are currently recording their highly anticipated debut EP which will be released later this year.

Taking influences from artists such as Oasis, Future Islands and The Killers, Buffalo Bay combine many different elements to create their own recognisable unique sound with trademark signatures such as Stuart Miskelly’s distinctive lead vocal, Noel Gallagher inspired choruses, driving fuzz basslines and catchy melodic guitar/synth riffs.

When they’re not playing live the up and coming band spend most evenings in their sunhouse writing songs, recording demos and honing their craft. Buffalo Bay consist of Stuart Miskelly on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, D-Slide on lead guitar, Michael Sloan on bass, Davey Biff on keys and Luke O’Neil on drums.

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