cardboard club

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Somewhere in Salt Lake City during 2015, four young guys decided to create a band in their spare time and Cardboard Club was born.

Consisting of lyricist and vocalist Christian Banner and composer / producer Taylor Terrill, bass player Ricky Casanova and guitartist Capp Nicoll, the guys juggle their daytime jobs, college and toddlers to try to create honest, catch indie pop rock tunes from the relative comfort of a tiny walk in wardrobe, taking the very definition of Bedroom Pop quite literally, with the unconventional group of 20-somethings working around the clock to create something that they are passionate about.

The band are due to release their double single "Show Love / Take Your Shot" in June 2020, with the promise of the former delivering of an upbeat ballad with a modern bite, while the latter striking with the breakneck speed of bands from the 2000’s such as: The Strokes and Two Door Cinema Club.

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