chloe chadwick

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Alt Pop

Where are you based? 


What genre would you describe yourself as? 


Who is your main inspiration? 

My wife to be! She inspires me everyday in both music and life!

What is your songwriting process? 

Generally I get an idea for a lyric or an idea for a song first. Then other times I get a melody first if I’m just jamming on my guitar. I’ve never had a set process, it doesn’t work for me that way. Being in the right frame of mind to write is important for me, otherwise garbage just comes out! Lol

What made you want to start in music? 

Music itself made me want to start! Our family household was full of music playing, top of the pops on the tele, the beatles in the car on family trips to france. My dad gave me his old acoustic guitar that was gathering dust in our loft. He hadn’t played it for years, he taught me the basics and well... the rest was history. My life since aged 11 has evolved around playing my guitar. It’s just my favourite thing to do in the whole wide world. It makes me happy, it comforts me, it entertains people, it brings back memories. Playing music with a guitar is just pure bliss for me.

What is on the horizon for you? 

I wish I knew... lol I love to perform live so as soon as things are back to some form of normality I’m will be performing live where I can and releasing new music too!

Who would you most like to collaborate with(alive or dead)? 

I would love to collaborate with Chris Stapleton!

What is your ultimate goal? 

My ultimate goal is to earn a living off my original music!

If you could cover any song, what would it be? 

Eagles - Hotel California

Tea making: milk first or last? 

Last of course!

Tell us your funniest joke! 

How do you get pikachu on a bus? Pokémon !!!

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