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The inception of Corlyx came to Lead Singer/Producer Caitlin Stokes in a dream she had as a young girl, the name Corlyx was spelled out to her, a name she would write down yet never use until her journey began with Singer/Multi instrumentalist/Producer Brandon Ashley in Los Angeles.

After many projects of their own the duo began writing music together in the late of 2015, creating a concept true to their rock backgrounds while digging into their Electronic curiosities. Pulling multiple influences of many prominent genres from the 90’s, they began to write and produce with the intention of making music they truly loved to listen to. 

In February of 2016 the Duo left LA and moved to Europe, after barely one year they released their first EP “One Of Us” written and Produced in Milan Italy, garnishing reviews from various online publications such as MuzikMan Reviews, Electrozomies, Metalshock Finland, Vents Magazine and more..
- raved PressParty…
“Corlyx has dropped a massive EP with One Of Us, and I think it would be rather smart to embrace it this new brand of music emerges from the dark depths of the sea. It combines aesthetics found from industrial and goth scenes but mixes it with hip hop and electro beats and a wise, cracking whip that's ready - and eager - to shove a life lesson down your throat. “, review by Brutal Resonance.

After the release of their EP the duo strapped on their courage boots and headed to Berlin, a city that they know would inspire them to write and record their first full length album by embracing the cities dark and sexy atmosphere. It is here in Berlin, 9 months later, Caitlin and Brandon have finished this task, “Music 2 F 2", the name name of this record came to them from the basic fact that each song has Sub Heavy beats with twisted seductive melodies and grunge guitar riffs that inspires carnal inclination onto the listener.

“Music 2 F 2” released on Feb 3rd 2018 has taken Corlyx into the net phase of their sound, staying true to their EP, with the addition of live drums and distorted guitars, Corlyx is a massive melding of genres, seething together on a plate of Alternative Electro Dark Pop goodness.

Corlyx latest release debuted on Sonic Seducer Magazine with their cover of Reptile by Nine Inch Nails, an erotic grotesque music video shot in Berlin by Fabz Black complimented this release, being the Duo's first music video premiere.

Next on the plate for Corlyx is UK tour dates as well as some German festivals and a EP to be released early 2019.  

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