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Kelaska, born Kelli Wright, is a Connecticut based singer-songwriter. After gaining a following of over 30,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel,  she began to write and create her own music. Blending dreamy waves of indie pop with honest storytelling, Kelaska has found her own unique genre.

Growing up in the small town of Plainfield, Ct,  Kelaska spent her childhood years writing silly pop songs in her bedroom. Her passion for singing started at the age of three, begging to sing any chance she got. By her junior year of high school, she started to discover and fall in love with music from the 60s and 70s; falling asleep to The Beatles every night and waking up with them every morning. She filled her music library with the classics of Springsteen,  Fleetwood Mac,  and Queen, while still enjoying the current indie scene of artists such as KT Tunstall,  Death Cab for Cutie,  and The Killers.

After several years of soul searching, Kelaska decided to enter the music industry by starting a Youtube channel where she uploaded a new cover song once a week. She picked up the guitar and piano, as well as any other instrument she could get her hands on. It wasn't long before she gained a following and some notoriety from People magazine as one of the "Ten Cover Song Pros You Should Be Following on Instagram." Her cover of  "Breezeblocks" has amassed over 730,000 streams on Spotify.

Over the next few years,  she continued to hone in on her musical talents. She released her first three stand-alone singles, while also attending Berklee School of Music. Her second single, "Smother Me," surpassed 100,000 streams in its first few months. After taking some time to really break down her musical style and evolve her sound,  she created her debut six song EP, Nostalgia. Each original song is co-written with producer Steven Martinez,  aside from the self-written track, "New Somebody." Nostalgia includes a dreamy cover of  "Dancing in the Moonlight" filled with ambient electric guitar, and the chirps of crickets and frogs in the distance. Her first single, "Springsteen," features a strong pop vocal infused with a catchy 70s synth over some eerie dolphin sounds.

2021 brings a whole new adventure for Kelaska fans. With the help of producer Mackenzie Christensen, Kelaska has a handful of new music to premier.

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