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M-40 began life as Overcast, around 10 years ago but soon changed their name to M-40 because the name didn’t seem to fit.


The four members, Lee Kennedy (vocals), Alan Lamb (lead guitar/songwriter), Justin Lamb (bass) and Steven "Basher" Bailey (drums) all grew up in the same area of Manchester and share the same vision – to unite through music.


Influenced by classic artists such as Johnny Marr, Oasis, The Prodigy and the Sex Pistols, M-40 have crafted their own unique sound that indicates big things to come. Their debut single, “Falling” is a masterful combination of heavy guitar licks, throbbing bass and arrogant drums, pulled together in perfection by Lee’s vocals.


“Expect a lot of the M-40 lads” – OFI Monday Radio show


Having recently played the Yeeerrr Bar in Manchester and the Thirsty Scholar, the band have appeared twice on Indie Rocks Radio, as well as OFI Monday Radio show, where they were recognised as Unsigned Band of the week

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