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Poison Oak are Ray Pearson – Guitar, Russell West - Bass and Backing Vocals, James Balthes - Vocals, Guitar and Piano, Chris Reiterer - Drums and Backing Vocals and Lachlan Gleadhill - Guitar, Piano and Backing Vocals

Where are you based? Townsville, North Queensland Australia

What genre would you describe yourself as? Indie Rock and Punk

Who is your main inspiration? I guess we all have a lot of different inspiration ranging from Violent Soho, Tom Waits, Whitlams, Powderfinger etc.

What is your songwriting process (which bits come first?) It really depends on the song. Sometimes the lyrics come first, or the melody and chord structure. Or have an idea that is based from my own life experience and I what to turn that into a song.

What made you want to start in music? I guess for myself (James), it was my friends that had a lot of influence on me. As well tearing the ACL ligament in my knee, forced me to stop playing sport, so I played more music instead.

What is on the horizon for you? Our EP, “1996” came out on the 19th of March. (cracking EP it is too - ed)

Who would you most like to collaborate with (alive or dead)? That’s a tough question. For me know I have no real strong desire to collaborate with anyone at the moment. But Paul Kelly would be someone I would like to song write with.

What is your ultimate goal? Just to keep doing what we’re doing.

If you could cover any song, what would it be? 1979 Smashing Pumpkins

Tea making: milk first or last? Last for sure.

Tell us your funniest joke!

Well this is my lamest joke - Why don’t they play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs

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