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Riveryard are Simon Holdsworth (lead vocals and bass), Dom Jakubiak (lead guitar and backing vocals) and Lennon Scollick (drums). They describe themselves as an atmospheric indie rock, based Leigh, Greater Manchester. 

Who is your main inspiration? 
Our main inspiration would probably be Oasis. It gives us great hope that they achieved such unrivalled success coming from our hometown and are still one of the greatest bands of all time.

How do you write your songs?
Dom writes the lyrics, chords and the basic structure of the song which is then brought into our rehersal where Lennon and Simon work on percussion and bass around the idea. Lyrics are mainly inspired through observations which intertwine with Dom’s everyday life.

What made you want to start in music?
Growing up and watching bands and artists on stage have hundreds of thousands of people singing along to their songs was so desirable to us. 

What is on the horizon for you?
We are currently releasing 5 songs that we recorded in London. The first 2 gained alot of attention so we hope the rest will have the same outcome. With the coronavirus pandemic, gigs are extremely hard to organise but as soon as restrictions are lifted we will get right back to gigging wherever and whenever we can.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
To be able to collaborate with Liam Gallagher would be an amazing opportunity and a crazy experience. 

What is your ultimate goal? 
Our ultimate goal is to make our name in the music world and to be remembered as one of the greats just like our inspirations before us.

If you could cover any song, what would it be?
Our go-to cover tends to be Morning Glory by Oasis. 

Tea making: milk first or last?
As a band we are a unit but in brew making we are divided. 

Tell us your funniest joke!
How do you throw a space party? You planet

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