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If you peek through a window of an old abandoned building on Queen Street East in Toronto, you will hear heavenly sounds from a feisty 22-year-old, each time she opens her mouth. Hailing from London, Ontario, Schyler London is pleasantly surprised to be a recording artist.  Over a year ago she was not only working at Tim Hortons, but she was also a student at a London-based hairdressing school, learning how to colour correct a client’s hair.  
Now, she is preparing for people to hear her debut EP, “Naked.”  This EP is a collection of songs with lyrics that allow everyone to see themselves reflected.  The songs on the EP are inspired by conversations Schyler London shared with her producer / composer / writer a.n.g.e.l 

“He left the conversations and wrote songs about the evolution of feeling insecure, to becoming someone who doesn’t care about perfection, but just about being themselves. There’s a beauty in just accepting who you are, and washing away the expectations society places on us.”  

Another track on the EP, “Kiss Somebody You Love” is about making sure that if you love somebody, you tell them, you show them, and you seal it with a kiss, because life is not promised to us. The upbeat sexy track, “Something’s Changed” is about taking care of yourself instead of wallowing in self-pity when you know that the relationship you are in, is not the best one for you.  

The themes of love and empowerment are threads running through all the songs featured on her debut EP. 

“Music was the only thing that could ever calm me down. When things would get tough, I’d go to the park and sing at the top of my lungs, and the pressure release from that was mind blowing.” 

Schyler eventually went to vocal coach Paula Griffith, and it was Paula who connected her to a.n.g.e.l. Soon after, Schyler London and a.n.g.e.l. began working on the EP, “Naked.”  

“This world can be a mean place, and I all I want to do through my music is give someone a little breakthrough of light, when all they can see is the dark.” 

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