the gran jury

I don't know about you, but life as a music reviewer can be a lonely job. Without having another reviewer to bounce ideas off, the whole thing can become overwhelming and sometimes tedious. So, in an effort to save our sanity, we've invited six completely made up, sometimes feisty Grans to help us with our workload. All of our Grans are big fans of new indie music and love getting together for an afternoon's chat, accompanied by a nice cup of tea, slice of cake and a playlist of all the best unsigned artists.

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Allow us to introduce the Gran Jury!

Gran Jury Ivy It's Indie Music Review


Previous job: dog behavioural expert

Hobbies: baking, knitting

Favourite thing to talk about: her eleven grandchildren

Favourite TV programme: EastEnders

If she won the lottery, Ivy would like to buy everyone in the Gran Jury a new jumper

Ivy is very much into Indie Rock. She is responsible for our Indie Rock playlist on Spotify

Gran Jury Irene It's Indie Music Review


Secret crush: Bradley Walsh

Collects: Empty gin bottles

Favourite singer: Ozzy Osbourne 

Dislikes: Kath

If she won the lottery, Irene would buy a house on a deserted island and send Kath there

Irene is a big fan of indie pop, you can often find her listening to our Pop! playlist

Gran Jury Ada It's Indie Music Review


Previous job: doctor

Greatest album of all time: STEPS "Step One"

Favourite drink: Gin

Dislikes: Running out of gin

If she won the lottery, Ada would buy a gin distillery in Doncaster

Ada is the laid back member of the group and she loves chilling to our Extra Chilled playlist

Gran Jury Winifred It's Indie Music Review


Favourite movie: The Full Monty

Favourite Actor: Robert Carlyle

Biggest achievement: Level 189 of Candy Crush

Dislikes: People who drink gin

If she won the lottery, Winifred would employ Robert Carlyle as her private butler

You'll find Winifred and her glowsticks not far away from our Beats EDM playlist

Gran Jury Kath It's Indie Music Review


Previous job: Politician

Favourite music genre: Thrash metal

Favourite food: Turkey Twizzlers

Dislikes: Irene, ninjas

If she won the lottery, Kath would buy a ticket for the next flight of Virgin Galactic

Kath feels at home in the mosh pit while headbanging to our Fiery One playlist


Gran Jury Ingrid It's Indie Music Review

Favourite sports team: Leeds Rhinos

Favourite singer: That one from Atomic Kitten

Biggest achievement: Level 190 of Candy Crush (take that, Winny!)

Dislikes: Baking, knitting, Turkey Twizzlers, gin, her grandchildren, Robert Carlyle

If she won the lottery, Ingrid would move to Doncaster with Bradley Walsh

Ingrid likes every genre of music. Except rap. Or metal. Or R 'n' B, jazz, soul, funk, country...

The Gran Jury is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Images generated at and do not represent real people. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.