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5 Must-Listen Indie Music Discoveries from This Week

Time for some new music? Check out this week's selection of new indie music - there are some absolute gems in here, let me tell you!

Totten Bridge "I Can't Leave Us Behind"

Cover Art for Totten Bridge's song "I Can't Leave Us Behind". It features a clock over a city scene, as featured on It's Indie... and we know it
Totten Bridge "I Can't Leave Us Behind"

Totten Bridge is serving up some serious magic with their latest track, "I Can't Leave Us Behind."

Picture this: a ballad that's got the heartstring-tugging vibes, but don't be fooled—the beat is downright infectious.

With vocals that'll make you hit repeat, this one's a journey you won't want to end. Press play, and let the pop rock vibes take the wheel!

(our rating: 9.8/10)

Dekker "I Know I Know"

A man wearing an oversized hat that shadows his face. As featured on It's Indie... and we know it
Dekker "I Know I Know"

Dive into the musical universe of Dekker with "I Know, I Know." This track is a rollercoaster of emotions—bouncy, yet tinged with a hint of melancholy. Brookln Dekker (also one-half of Rue Royale) crafts a catchy hook and an impulsive beat.

In this musical tale, Dekker lays it all out—a love story tangled in the web of self-destructive tendencies. With vocals wearing their heart on the sleeve, he croons, "I know I'm a mess, and I've lost my key, but please don't let me go because with you is where I need to be." Press play and get ready for an emotional ride!

(Our rating: 9.4/10)

Hollow Coves "Milk And Honey"

Two people running over a sand dune. This is the cover art for Milk and Honey by Hollow Coves via It's Indie... and we know it
Hollow Coves "Milk and Honey"

Get ready to be swept away by the flickering feel-good vibes of Hollow Coves in "Milk and Honey." This track weaves wistful vocals and fluttering guitars into a soundscape that's not just soothing but downright sentimental.

Consider it a musical reminder from Hollow Coves to "remember the things that matter most." Let the enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics transport you to a place where every note is a nod to life's sweetest moments.

(Our rating: 9.2/10)

The Ritz "Give Me A Sign"

A picture of battered red doors with a sign beside it. This is the cover art for The Ritz "Give Me A Sign" as featured on It's Indie... and we know it
The Ritz "Give Me A Sign"

Get ready to hit the dance floor with The Ritz and their electric track, "Give Me A Sign." This high-energy rock anthem is all about that electric connection you feel when you meet someone on a night out. You know, the kind where mutual chemistry trumps any flaws, and the night becomes a canvas for endless possibilities.

With its foot-tapping beats and infectious energy, "Give Me A Sign" is your invitation to let loose and see where the night takes you. So, turn up the volume, let the music take control, and get ready for a rockin' good time!

(Our rating: 9.3/10)

Princess Goes "Come Of Age"

Three men standing on a rooftop. One is holding and umbrella. The band Princess Goes and the cover art for their track Come Of Age" as shared on It's Indie... and we know it
Princess Goes "Come Of Age"

Prepare to time travel with Princess Goes and their track "Come Of Age." If you're a fan of Depeche Mode or Bowie, this one's right up your alley. It's like they've taken a sonic DeLorean straight from the 80s and brought it to the present.

"Come Of Age" takes the spotlight as my track of the week, and for good reason. It's the title-track of their latest album, an accessible yet innovative masterpiece. Picture this: 12 songs that seamlessly blend catchy tunes with intoxicating, soundtrack-worthy vibes. Synth-heavy, multi-faceted, and an absolute gem for anyone who loves a musical journey.

So, whether you're reminiscing about the 80s or discovering the magic for the first time, "Come Of Age" is your ticket to an electro-pop adventure that's both timeless and contemporary.

It's a rarity... but we have rated this 10/10

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