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7 Solo Artists You Should Love!

Being a musician is a lonely business. Being a solo artist is even harder. Who sang that duff note? The solo artist. Can someone take over the singing for a minute? No mate, you're on your own. All eyes are on you... the audience watching your every move...

Kinda making myself nervous here.

Anyway, much respect to those solo artists out there. And as our tribute to you, here is a list of seven (in no particular order) very different solo artists who deserve your attention.


1. Témi

Témi is an RnB/Soul singer from Toronto and is due to release his album "Alternative Soul" imminently. Témi teamed up with a.n.g.e.l. from Arrival Music Group to bring his silky smooth and mature vocals, surely a winning formula for success?


2. David Stone

Another of Canada's exports, David Stone is an all round singer/songwriter. His lyrics are deep and thoughtful, his guitar work is delicate and complimentary and his vocals are on point. With his impressive back catalogue of music, David is set to see 2019 as his most successful yet.


3. Keith Spinney

O.K. strictly speaking, we've bent the rules ever so slightly here. Keith is a singer/songwriter who has been writing songs for over 30 years, collaborating with a number of artists along the way, as well as his band Thunder Wheel, as well as writing "Just The Two Of Us" for country band "Natural High Band."


4. Schyler London

Back to Canada to hear feisty 22 year old Schyler London and her debut EP "Naked." Schyler teamed up with a.n.g.e.l. from Arrival Music Group to produce this masterpiece of RnB and pop. The music industry needs Schyler London.


5. Bailey Tomkinson

UK based Bailey Tomkinson combines country with pop in an honest yet innocent view of life. Her songs are cleverly crafted and meaningful.

Signed to FBP Music Publishing, Bailey is attracting attention in all the right ways and fills a gap in that country/pop crossover market


6. Greg Fidler

Greg Fidler hails from London, UK and, armed with his trusty guitar, produces some incredible music. His ever-so-slightly raspy voice serves as the perfect tool to carry his ballads and soft rock tunes, which are produced brilliantly. Greg is definitely someone that deserves to be on your easy listening playlists.


7. Elizabeth Everts

Originally from California and now based in Munich, Germany, has a haunting and beautiful voice. Her debut album, the mainly piano driven "Obstruction Destruction" was quickly followed by her follow-up "EEEEP", filled with electronic experimentation. Her new song, "It's On Repeat" is all about the inner struggles we all face as we learn to understand and better ourselves


What do you think? Do you agree with our choices? Comment below!

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