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Album Review - M-40 "Play The Game"

You know the feeling. You're promised something, then you have to sit around for what seems like forever for it to be delivered. A bit like the Amazon delivery I am currently awaiting. Then, when it finally arrives, you realise that the wait was worth it after all.

A little over twelve months ago, we were introduced to the powerhouse that is Manchester's M-40. Fronted by the charismatic Lee Kennedy, the band's first single Falling was a riotous indie rock anthem and suggested big things were on the way for the band.

A year later... that's like a whole 12 months... and the band have made their emphatic return with their debut EP Play The Game.

Lead track from the EP is the brooding Play The Game, which threads together a driven, almost marching drum beat, soaring bass and some serious guitar riffs, finished off by Kennedy's inimitable voice, as he injects that familiar swagger that was demonstrated in Falling.

This formula is evident throughout the rest of the EP. Rivals and Get Myself Together share a similar, growling undertone that drive the songs into your ear, demanding to be heard and leaving you in no doubt that this band are determined to make their sound heard.

Souls On Fire seems to be the odd one out in this release, as it delivers a much brighter, more upbeat sound than the rest. Even the vocals are more tame - giving a different face to M-40. A very different song but still very worthy of a place on the EP.

With Falling as the final track and bringing us back full circle to the darker, heavier sound, it's the perfect way to round off what promised to be an epic debut release - and what delivered on that promise in spades.

Even if it DID take a year. Much like my Amazon delivery.


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