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February Round-Up (Part 2)

In the second of this month's round-up posts, we've got some absolute corkers for you!


Francis "Postcards" (ft Jolé)

There's nothing quite like putting on a piece of music, chilling out and losing yourself for a while.

The new track from Francis, Postcards, does exactly that. The first of a series of tracks to feature guest artists sees Francis team up with Jolé to bring a calming alt-folk vibe that invites you to close your eyes and stay in a perfect world all of your own making.


Our rating: 9.1/10


Midnight Alleys "Broken Ties and Stolen Lines"

Our single of the week is the brilliant Broken Ties and Stolen Lines from Dundee's Midnight Alleys.

Described as psychedelic rock 'n' roll, the band pull out some impressive tricks to make this song sound like a 60s track jumped into a time machine and landed in the 90s.

Having recently signed to Deadly Records and with their music becoming noticed by some big hitters in the industry, Midnight Alleys are definitely ones to watch in 2021.


Our rating: 9.7/10


Lord and the Woolf "Young"

Another splendid combination of genres make Young, the latest offering from Lord and the Woolf, something very special indeed.

It's a summery, beach kind of sound, blended with some shoegaze vocals, telling of love and lust, leading to some questionable decisions.

It's brilliantly put together. It's uber-catchy. And it's cool af. (Do people still say "cool af"?)


Our rating: 9.6/10


Dolly Dolores "Dream"

Following an absence of six years, Sweden's Dolly Dolores returns with the stunning new song, Dream.

A lo-fi sound with some rare instruments, the song encourages youngsters to follow their dreams while they are still young, before they become boring and stifled in adulthood.

An incredibly moving track that makes the six year wait worthwhile.


Our rating: 9.4/10


Ormiston "Rebel"

Step aside, Nile Rodgers, because Ormiston's new track Rebel could well knock off your crown for disco-funk!

Montreal-based singer, songwriter and producer Ormiston grew up around music and his debut single Rebel is a real feel-good tune of the highest quality which tells of the ups and downs of a passionate, turbulent relationship.


Our rating: 9.0/10


Another eclectic selection of brilliant tunes - but what do you think? Show the artists some love (it's not long since Valentines Day, after all!) by clicking the "heart" icon below!

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