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Fonzy & Company release "Last Birth"

Despite the fact they had been waiting 7 hours for their food, the band were too polite to complain to the waiter

Fonzy & Company, a four-piece band from Bristol, came into existence in February 2019. Six months on, they've self-released their debut EP, Last Birth, on Witch And The Wolf.

While being relatively new to the scene, as a unit, each member of the group possess extensive live experience due to their previous exploits, in other acts, across Europe. Coming from a die hard Ska, Punk, Metal background, the song writing comes from an intimate and unique place. Whilst the band portray an indie/alt/‘americana’ vibe, the band remain open to ideas and different aspects of rock.

Asked to describe themselves, they said this: "Fonzy & Company takes you to a place where music used to be fun and celebrate the generation that appreciates and admires a time where real musicians used to dominate the world."

The debut ‘Last Birth’ EP is six tracks of cracking alt rock. Particular highlights are the opening track "The Stubborn And The Brave" - a catchy up-beat pop epic with shades of Travis and a hint of Amy MacDonald's "This Is The Life" with an awesome memorable chorus - and "Silk", which gives you a gentle cuddle before violently shaking you with a powerful chorus that makes your brain rattle in your head and bringing you back down with the sweetest guitar solo.

For lovers of rock, there's something for everyone on this album. There's nothing controversial here, nothing offensive on the ears and everything to love.

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