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GEA Releases Dynamically Layered Electro-Acoustic Single ‘Time’

GEA’s debut album Butterflies got critical acclaim and put her on the map as a unique ethereal female artist. Now the Finnish singer-songwriter releases the first single “Time” from her upcoming EP ‘Snow’.

GEA debuted ‘Time’ at Festival Ajusco in Mexico City as the final song in her set. After it ended the audience kept on singing it. The song begins with a personal story of a past lover. Towards the end the story grows into much more important message: ‘We have no time, we have no time to waste. Changing my life, changing one day at the time.’ It means that we are responsible of our own happiness. We are responsible of our own and our planet’s well-being.

The single cover art is very meaningful part of the music. The art is taken from a painting called ‘Connections’ by Susanna Sivonen. She painted it in New York during GEA’s live performances and it is a visual continuation of GEA’s music.

The song ‘Time’ has a soft melody combined with expansive and dynamically layered Nordic sounds. The floor bass drum and supporting infectious beats are very interesting progression to her earlier, very minimalistic style.

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